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Just Law: The Changing Face of Justice - and Why It Matters to Us All Acute, Questioning, Humane And Passionately Concerned For Justice, Helena Kennedy Is One Of The Most Powerful Voices In Legal Circles In Britain Today Here She Roundly Challenges The Record Of Modern Governments Over The Fundamental Values Of Equality, Fairness And Respect For Human Dignity She Argues That In The Last Twenty Years We Have Seen A Steady Erosion Of Civil Liberties, Culminating Today In Extraordinary Legislation, Which Undermines Long Established Freedoms Are These Moves A Crude Political Response To Demands For Law And Order Or Is The Relationship Between Citizens And The State Being Covertly Reframed And Redefined

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    Reading a book by Helena Kennedy fills one with some degree of trepidation, usually because I always hear that she is the kind of women who refuses to take prisoners in any debate she may enter Well that isn t always a bad thing, however it does conjure within me images of what I may unexpectedly find when I do read her work However, when I did finally pluck up enough courage to pick up her book, I couldn t have picked a better book to read It is not only because I have a passing interest in the British judicial system, but also, I have than a casual interest in reading unusual headline features laden with thoughtful deliberation and ingenious debates This was my first book authored by Kennedy and it certainly left an impression on my mind about the quality of her approach towards such a complex debate.The book is a relatively relaxed read, and offers numerous antidotes to the law and how it spreads itself across various avenues for social change and how such changes impact on society The language and the style in which the book is written helps to follow a step by step process of what the law means, its impact on society and the manner in which society demands changes to the law this is followed by a poorly cognisant group of politicians w...

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    One of my favourites because Helena Kennedy questions the fairness of the British justice system And, because of the similarities, the questions that she raises are equally applicable to the Australian system Her themes include questioning the extent to which the state is undermining civil liberties and human rights Writing about race she says We are seeing a serious retreat ...

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    Despite this book coming out in 2005, Helena Kennedy s Just Law provides a great recap for information on many of the key and prominent changes to civil liberties that have happened in the UK in recent years, as well as providing a good historical base for why changes have been made and by whom I particularly found the chapter on Criminalising The Poor to be still relevant when discussing and drawing conclusions on the current state of s...

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    I think if I had not studied and had a reasonable amount of prior knowledge to many of the topics I would have scored this higher, I kept getting distracted critiquing her approach, such as the way certain legal debates like the use of the term rule of law was not unpacked and extremely simplified The book took me a long time to read and while, I discovered that a lot ...

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    An absolute corker of a book that tells the story of how the Law has been emasculated under New Labour stupid politicians My silly words cannot do justice to it as I am too exhausted People read it folks A proper Review will follow when I get my energy back.

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    SO much better than Eve Was Framed much nuanced and educated

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