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Utilitarianism and Other Essays One Of The Most Important Nineteenth Century Schools Of Thought, Utilitarianism Propounds The View That The Value Or Rightness Of An Action Rests In How Well It Promotes The Welfare Of Those Affected By It, Aiming For The Greatest Happiness Of The Greatest Number Jeremy Bentham 1748 1832 Was The Movement S Founder, As Much A Social Reformer As A Philosopher His Greatest Interpreter, John Stuart Mill 1806 73 , Set Out To Humanize Bentham S Pragmatic Utilitarianism By Balancing The Claims Of Reason And The Imagination, Individuality And Social Well Being In Essays Such As Bentham , Coleridge And, Above All, Utilitarianism The Works By Bentham And Mill Collected In This Volume Show The Creation And Development Of A System Of Ethics That Has Had An Enduring Influence On Moral Philosophy And Legislative Policy.

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  • Utilitarianism and Other Essays
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  • 23 August 2017

About the Author: Jeremy Bentham

In 1748, Jeremy Bentham was born in London The great philosopher, utilitarian humanitarian and atheist began learning Latin at age four He earned his B.A from Oxford by age 15 or 16, and his M.A at 18 His Rationale of Punishments and Rewards was published in 1775, followed by his groundbreaking utilitarian work, Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation Bentham propounded his

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    Review of the abridged Bentham essay only Yeah I dug this I actually did not have any quibbles with it at all That s a rare one for me Interested to see how Mill develops the philosophy.

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    Brilliant I am convinced that Bentham, in addition to his philosophy about morals, economics, and the government, might be a good CEO, with John Stuart Mills a natural COO to not only interpret his theories as he has done , but to run operations for the greatest good for all.

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