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Omega's Dragon: Desert Heat Dragon Alpha Tyran Sunfire Knows It S Good To Be King As Ruler Of The Dragon Clans Of The Desert, He S Used To Owning The Best Of Everything A Glittering Casino On The Las Vegas Strip, A Palatial Estate In The Desert, And Gorgeous Men At His Beck And Call.There S Just One Catch In Order To Keep His Position Of Power, He Must Produce An Heir To The Throne And Fast.Bailey, A Human Omega, Spent His Childhood One Step Ahead Of The Law, But His Sister Promised That One Last Heist Would Set Them Up For Life Unfortunately, Getting Caught Stealing From A Dragon Has Dire Consequences In Exchange For His Sister S Freedom, Bailey Offers His Body To Tyran But The Dragon Is Interested In Than Just A One Night StandWhen Sparks Start To Fly, Will The Growing Child Inside Bailey Be Enough To Hold Their Relationship Together Or Will Their Differences Tear Them Apart Author S Note Omega S Dragon Desert Heat Is The First Book In The Sunfire Brothers Series, But It Is A 30,000 Word Standalone Short Novel With A Happily Ever After Ending And No Cliffhangers This Story Contains Alpha Omega Social Dynamics, Male Pregnancy, Knotting, And Vividly Steamy Scenes Between Two Gorgeous Men.

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    Cute simple read.

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    This is a short, sweet novella Tyran is a sort of stereotype as the story begins He uses men for sex, runs his company mercilessly, and doesn t couldn t care less about a mate or family His mother is another stereotype, the ice queen mother who spends her time trying to manipulate her family for power and prestige When Bailey and his sister are found trying to rob Tyran s casino and Bailey, an omega, offers himself to Tyran for his sister s freedom, Tyran sees two opportunities He will get to sire the heir he needs with a man instead of a woman and, as a bonus, he will get to thoroughly piss off his mother However both men quickly grow to realize that they want There is some drama danger outside their relationship that adds a little extra zing to the story as well Because it s such a short story, we don t get much worldbuilding info about dragon shifters and the timeline of the men s relationship is, of course, compressed T...

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    DNF I read up to 61% of this book before giving up The characters weren t very interesting, and while there was some creative world building the story didn t seem very compelling This is definitely one of my least favorite works by this author The plot is basic at best and characters emotions flip like a dime...

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    brilliantfirst i have read a book by this author and i have to admit very impressed and can not read the rest of the series

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    A busy 4 5 days for the MC s, apparently.

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    Omega s Dragon by Victoria Brice was a treat to read The book was fast paced and pulled me in from the beginning I was in the mood for a quick light read and this filled the spot.

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    Good yet differentHave not read many omega dragons so it was interesting and very different, setting and how tos But good nice read

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    Great storyI love romantic stories about dragon shifters This one even had the mean and vicious mother in law who got what she deserved

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    CuteThis was a quick and easy read The plot was simple and the main characters likeable There was even a little bit of double crossing involved.

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