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The Blue Footies Life Is Good As These Blue Footed Boobies, Joyfully Dive The Deep Blue Seas For Clean Sardines Until, Mumford, Tuey, Blue And Bea Spy Debris On Their Beach While Cautiously Comforted By The Sight Of Blue Footed Children Putting Garbage In A Bucket, Curious Blue Gets Snagged By A Blob When Revelation With A Twist Leaves Hearts Pounding In Panic And Looking To Mumford For Reason, Their Bond With These Children Grows Children S Picture Book Fiction Ecology Birds Seabirds Green Living Nature Early Reader Helping Trusting Understanding Friendship Solving Problems Together

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    I was given this book at a writing group in exchange for an honest review What attracted me mostly to this book when I first opened it up was the pictures The color of the water reminded me the Mediterranean Sea The illustrations of the Blue footies and the children are very true to life colors Then I began reading the book The illustrations depict the story perfectly It was informative to find out that these birds are called the Blue footed Boobies The interesting part is that it teaches a lesson to young children of how to take care of our planet and clean our beaches where most of them are filled with debris It teaches young children that these birds need to have the beaches and the ocean clean in order to survive The book plays emphasis on the environment, friendship and helping It s an interesting book to read to young children and teach them at a young age to take care of the env...

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