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Prehistoric America: An Ecological Perspective (Second Edition) The Cultural Parallels Between Widely Separated But Environmentally Similar Regions Are Often Extraordinary, Yet These Parallels Are Discounted By Anthropologists On The Basis That They Ignore A Large Mass Of Less Similar Data Too Often Cultural Parallels Between Distant Regions Have Been Taken For Granted Rather Than Recognized As Phenomena That Need To Be Explained The Thesis Of Prehistoric America Is That They Are Neither Fortuitous Nor Inconsequential, But An Indication Of The Strength Of Environmental Pressures On Cultural Development This Work Is An Excellent Introduction To The Prehistoric Cultures Of North And South America, One That Will Help The Reader To Discover And Enjoy The Intellectual Adventure Of Archeology.

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    This primer was well worth the read It covered the major Meso American cultures as well as the developments of the smaller groups in the carribean and other smaller outlying groups The illustrations and photos were incredible.

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