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The Fan Man The Fan Man Is A Comic Novel Published In 1974 By The American Writer William Kotzwinkle It S Told In The 1st Person By The Narrator, Horse Badorties, A Down At The Heels Hippie Living A Life Of Drug Fueled Befuddlement In New York City C 1970 The Book Is Written In A Colorful, Vernacular Hippie Speak Tells The Story Of The Main Character S Hapless Attempts To Put Together A Benefit Concert Featuring His Own Hand Picked Choir Of 15 Year Old Girls Horse Is A Somewhat Tragic, Tho Historically Humorous, Character With Echoes Of Other Famous Characters In Popular Culture Such As Reverend Jim Ignatowski Of Taxi Fame In His Inability To Follow Anything Thru To Completion He Displays Symptoms Of Attention Deficit Disorder Tho This Could Equally Be Drug Induced His Defining Characteristic Is His Joy In Renting Or Commandeering Apartments Which He Fills With Street Scavenged Junk Articles Until Full To Bursting He Moves On To His Next Pad The Name Fan Man Is A Reference To Another Of His Traits The Collecting Of Fans Of All Shapes Sizes.

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    Feel the filth and dust, man, blowing into my eyes and the stench of piss and shit and vomit and old beer cans, man, up my nose We re back, man, where we belong.If Ignatius P Reilly had been motherless and born in a New York city park rather than humid Louisiana, taken to smoking herb and letting himself really go, man, he might have been spawned the twin of Horse Badorties, the protagonist and main Fan Man Kotzwinkle s prose is sparse, hilarious even genius at points and the only regret I have reading this book is that I didn t pick up the volume with the pictures I can only imagine how funny they are and how they add to the story.The 20th anniversary edition that I read published in 1994 came with a foreward by Kurt Vonnegut It s a short intro, but it is brilliant, and Vonnegut says things better than anyone else, so in his words this is why you, too, should read this book This is music to be played in the head, and only the quickest, least inhibited sight readers can play it as written, and thus hear head music the likes of which, prior to its publication in 1974, had never been heard.It was and remains important, but si...

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    Every epoch needs its literary memorial And The Fan Man is an ideal memorial to the fabulously far out epoch of psychedelia.I just woke up, man Horse Badorties just woke up and is crawling around in the sea of abominated filthiness, man, which he calls home Walking through the rooms of my pad, man, through broken glass and piles of filthy clothes from which I shall select my wardrobe for the day The Fan Man isn t just a book it is a highly hallucinatory psychedelic trip.Open satchel take out special Montgomery Ward mail order glass enclosed water filled wire screened rubber hosed lung preserving mother fucking hookah And out of my moisture proof herbalist s pouch I am removing a generous pinch of Mexican papaya leaf, man, to get my enzymes flowing, sprinkling the leaves into the bowl of the hookah.Just tune yourself to the vibes of the world The ear hears, the heart knows, th...

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    This is a vicious satire of narcissism of the hippie philosophy of peace and love Horse Baderite lives as a serial squatter in New York s Lower East Side, hoarding cast off junk, and bumbling through life on the bounties that comes his way from entertaining others with his groovy banter His obsessive quests propel him toward the door each morning, but there is so much junk in his way and so many mental diversions that intervene that he often gets so tired he has to take a nap before he can get down to business The daily goals typically include finding dope and teen aged nookie, but sometimes these targets call for an ambitious scheme to make them likely to happen His dream is to engage homeless teen girls to learn music from him and put on a free choral concert, in the process impressing them with his genius and paving the way to his bed This makes for an interesting allegory for civilization as a thin veneer over our hunter gatherer roots Unfortunately, the unwinding of the tale gets tiresome, and I longed to be free of the claustrophobia of being trapped in his twisted mind.The title refers to those little battery powered fans that seem to be the epitome of a tech solution to the misery that ails us all His conception is to collect enough of them to use them as an instrumental chorus in the planned concert As he goes about his quest, and props get added to his collection to the poi...

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    I haven t laughed this gleefully at a book since I read Gravity s Rainbow I have a weakness for zaniness, admittedly Horse Badorties is one of the most singularly unique and memorable characters in literature, reminiscent of later free spirited slackers like The Dude and Kramer, but with his own particular brand of lunacy If he were a real person, the TV show Hoarders could devote an entire season to him, if not give him his own spin off His overriding obsession is finding 15 year old girls to comprise his Love Chorus, and bringing medieval church music set to the pitch of Japanese handheld, battery powered electric fans, no less to the masses via a nationally televised concert, but his ADD tendencies and perpetually stoned headspace get in the way although surpr...

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    This book was a real surprise I was ready put it down after reading the first pages thinking that it was one of the stupidest things I had ever read But as I continued on starting to enjoy Horse Badorties inner monolog with every se...

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    This is an account the Crumbling Autumn that followed the Summer of Love Told from the perspective of a smarmy , East Village loser Horse Badarties , largely in a stream of consciousness format, Kotzwinkle succeeds in sending the hippies ...

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    This book is gross Sexist Fucked up.I also loved it It s absurd, sublimely stupid, strangely buoyant.

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    This was the edition we had around the house, the one I fell in love with because it had filthy illustrations to accompany the prose The most recent edition excises the sketches, replacing all with a cover that says ...

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    Imagine a Kurt Vonnegut novel, but with no purpose and no plot Gross just for the sake of being gross Stupid just for the sake of being stupid And full of juvenile sexual references just for the sake of showing off Forget it, man.

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