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In the Gloaming: An Anthology of Faerie Stories Faeries Come From All Cultures And Countries And Range In Appearance From Lovely To Terrifying To Looking Like An Everyday Person Some Are Benign, Some Malevolent Based On Actual Faerie Lore, This Anthology Incorporates The Work Of Five Spectacular Authors Who Have Penned Tales Of Irridescent Ice Beings, Fey Men Who Love You Into Forgetfulness, Frightening Creatures Who Wear Caps Of Human Skin, Enchanted Lovers From A Long Lost Era, And The Land Of Faerie Dreams Step Into The World Of Glamour Where The Beautiful, The Dreamy, The Vicious, And Even A Bit Of The Sexually Bizarre Will Captivate You Authors Cora Zane, Esmerelda Bishop, K.M Frontain, Nita Wick, And Kelley Heckart

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    In The Gloaming is an anthology with five different faerie stories The first story is At The Edge of Twilight by Cora Zane After Colleen O Shea leaves her ex husband George, she decides to go back home to the house her aunt had left her 6 years befo...

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    I love being a part of this anthology The stories are awesome.

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