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Minecraft Washed Up On A Beach, The Lone Castaway Looks Around The ShoreWhere Am I Who Am I And Why Is Everything Made Of BlocksBut There Isn T Much Time To Soak Up The Sun It S Getting Dark, And There S A Strange New World To Explore The Top Priority Is Finding Food The Next Is Not Becoming Food Because There Are Others Out There On The Island Like The Horde Of Zombies That Appear After Night Falls Crafting A Way Out Of This Mess Is A Challenge Like No Other Who Could Build A Home While Running From Exploding Creepers, Armed Skeletons, And An Unstoppable Tide Of Hot Lava Especially With No Help Except For A Few Makeshift Tools And Sage Advice From An Unlikely Friend A Cow.In This World, The Rules Don T Always Make Sense, But Courage And Creativity Go A Long Way There Are Forests To Explore, Hidden Underground Tunnels To Loot, And Undead Mobs To Defeat Only Then Will The Secrets Of The Island Be Revealed.

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    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum never thought I d see a book like this, brought to us by the author of World War Z no less A month ago, if you had floated me the idea of a Minecraft novel adaptation, I would have laughed and said it would never fly I mean, what would it even be about Won t it just end up being a three hundred page instruction manual on how to play the game Well, apparently yes and no This first and only official Minecraft novel , trumpets the publisher blurb, tells the story of a hero stranded on an island based in the Minecraft world The book starts off with our unnamed protagonist whom I will refer to as he since I listened to the version of the audiobook narrated by Jack Black coming to consciousness in a freaky new reality where everything the land, the trees, the animals, the sun, and even the character s own body is made up of square blocks This shouldn t be too hard to picture in your mind, if you re familiar with Minecraft, though if you re not, then this book not to mention the rest of this revi...

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    I enjoyed this book because I liked the part when the main character finally found land after he was drowning I also enjoyed this book because I liked the part when he named the cow Moo I also enjoyed this book becase I liked the part when he also made friends with sheep one blue sheep, one white sheep, and one black sheep He named the blue sheep Rainy, the...

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    Terrible Just terrible The second I heard Brooks on NPR peddling his new book, I put it at the top of my short list I loved World War Z, The Zombie Survival Guide and The Harlem Hellfighters, so I assumed that I would enjoy this too I was wrong This book was so boring and the writing was sophomoric ...

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    I don t think I was the right person for this book I mean I have put in TONS of hours playing, but I m not super obsessed with all things Minecraft You either need to know a bare minimum of facts about Minecraft or be obsessed to really enjoy this book.

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    In the beginning I really liked this book, couldn t put it down for a super long time But closer to the end it started to get kind of boring and it was getting a little repetitive But the end was super sad and I loved how the author put so many useful life lessons in each chapter.

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    I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes Minecraft It provided new theories about the game and guides.

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    My original Minecraft The Island audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.If you are a fan of the game Minecraft, this book will fill the void when you are unable to play Minecraft The Island, written by Max Brooks World War Z , takes our main character from day one in the world of Minecraft to feeling somewhat comfortable with his new surroundings The audiobook version can be purchased narrated by either Jack Black Kung Fu Panda or Samira Wiley Orange is the new black I m reviewing the version narrated by Jack Black, which I enjoyed very much If you are under fifty, nearly everyone under this age has either played Minecraft or knows what the game is about If you are coming to this book without prior knowledge of Minecraft the game, I recommend you first get some hands on experience as it will make the book that much enjoyable Not having firsthand knowledge of the landscape, creatures, day and night cycles, etc., you may lose out on what makes this book fun and interesting It should be noted that the book is written at an eight to ten year old level and is classified as a kids book You will be sadly disappointed if you are coming to this book with hopes of adult deep character development, storyline, or romance If you like Minecraft and can put up with some of the silly and light hearted humor expected in a book of this genre, I think you should pick up the book.This book co...

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    I am neither a Minecraft devotee I ve never played it, though I read an article about it in Time a few years back , nor the target demographic for this novel it s for middle graders , but I nonetheless enjoyed and admired what Max Brooks achieved with this project He somehow translated the pixelated aesthetic of the videogame and made it integral to the fictional environment of The Island, and gave this open ended sandbox adventure a narrative structure And The Island even shares a worldview, hard as this may be to believe, with Brooks apocalyptic horror novel World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War It s about preparedness and resilience in the face of mortal danger I admire Brooks for tackling a licensed intellectual property like this, so far removed from the genre for which he s known, and not only pulling it off, but endowing it with his own personality and preoccupations, at that no easy feat for a media tie in.The novel itself, much like a videogame, is intentionally episodic handled in self contained stag...

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    While it wasn t terrible, I felt a little misled by the Max Brooks part of this equation I guess I shouldn t have expected World War M At any rate, I read this because my son is big into the game and I wanted to have something we could share This was way Y than A than most books and was almost a game guide at points Very hard to read something that is telling you describing to you how to manage inventory There was one truly laugh out loud moment when you meet the anim...

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    I actually enjoyed this a lot than I thought I would.Disclaimer I do not play Minecraft I never saw the point.That said, reading this book feels like what I imagine playing the game would be like.I m almost actually tempted to try it.I enjoyed the writing style in spite of it being in first person, which I ordinarily hate , and it had just the right amount of detail vs expediency to keep things moving and fun.And lastly, the audiobook read by Jack Black is fan freaking tast...

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