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Citoyennetés à vendre La Citoyennet Le Droit D Avoir Des Droits , Comme L A D Finie Hannah Arendt Est Aujourd Hui Refus E Des Centaines De Millions De Personnes D Racin S, R Fugi S, Apatrides Et Autres Ill Gaux Pour Quelques Happy Fews, En Revanche, Les Passeports Sont Des Produits De Luxe Qu Ils Collectionnent Comme Des Toiles De Ma Tre, Pour Se Simplifier La Vie Et Payer Moins D Imp Ts.Ce Reportage Montre Ce Qu Est Devenue L Id E De Citoyennet L Re Des Gigantesques Mouvements De Population Et De La Privatisation Des Tats D Un C T , Les Ultra Riches Ont Accapar Le Titre De Citoyens Du Monde Et Sont Les Seuls Jouir, Avec Leurs Capitaux, D Une Plan Te Sans Fronti Res De L Autre, Des Nationalit S Brad Es, Comme Dans L Invraisemblable Transaction Conclue Entre L Une Des Nations Les Plus Pauvres Du Monde, Les Cos, Et Les Mirats Arabes Unis Qui, Pour R Gulariser La Situation Des Apatrides Sur Leur Territoire, Ont Achet Au Prix De Gros Des Dizaines De Milliers De Passeports Comoriens.Une Captivante Enqu Te Sur Les Cosmopolites, Volontaires Ou Malgr Eux.

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    Some are born citizens, some purchase citizenship, and some have citizenship thrust upon them this, in a nutshell, provides the narrative arc to Abrahamian s wonderful little book At its analytic core, this book is an account of the rise of the passport sales industry, pioneered by various passport entrepreneurs, who have figured that this is a good revenue generation scheme for many impoverished island nations she focuses on the Comoro Islands, a former French colony in the Indian Ocean, and St Kitts and Nevis, a former British colony in the Caribbean , who often have very little else to sell Essentially, these passport entrepreneurs arrive in these islands with a pitch for arbitraging one of the great remaining barriers within our globalizing world, namely the stolidity of citizenship, still something that the vast majority of people inherit as a birthright, much as titles are inherited by aristocrats Some of these citizenships are worth a great deal than others, the Swiss being the best, and Afghan perhaps the least va...

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    One of my colleagues recommended this book, though I can t recall how he or she used it or the subject matter of the class I currently teach a writing class and am interested in using a theme of global engagement citizenship, so this looks interesting It s absolutely not what I was expecting.I figured the book would be about seeing beyond national borders to see ourselves as citizens of the entire world thus making international concerns our own , and that was actually not far off in some ways Abrahamian focuses on the issues of those people who are not legally or officially recognized as citizens of any country I would argue that a significant part of the population in the US doesn t have to worry about that I know I certainly didn t But for people who were legally in a country until they suddenly weren t, life is close to a guessing game The book also looks at countries who are not well off economically and how business people can take advantages by buying and selling citizenship This is what happens when whole countries have agreements to honor the passports and citizenship of other countries It s politically and economically convenient, and apparently it s also a pretty successful business But countries that weren t well off...

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    wealthy and white, you re an expat hard working and from a third world country, you re an immigrant poor or black or on the brink of death, you re a migrant the sale of citizenshipspeaks to the arbitrariness of the concept of belonging to a nation to begin with

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    This was an interesting book, but it wasn t as varied as I had expected.

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    This is a marvelous book I knew virtually nothing about how citizenships are sold nowadays, by the rich who want useful passports, either for international travel or to avoid taxes e.g did you know that one of Facebooks co founders renounced his US citizenship in order to avoid taxes as well as by the po...

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    Fascinating stuff I wish it had expanded a little bit to discuss global immigration trends or trends with regard to visas and passports Nonetheless it goes into some really detailed discussions on specific issues for example, the purchasing of Comorosian citizenship by the Kuwait government...

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    There s a couple of interesting story arcs in this anthology of extra citizenship, and a tolerable minimum of filler There s in the way of uncritical reporting than actual analysis, though every mention of Bitcoin makes my teeth itch.

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    A very interesting concept, but the book focused on one story at the expense of many it could have mentioned The intro, afterword, and a chapter in the middle about the technological changes pushing for national sovereignty changes are the integ...

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    This book was enthralling I could have read it in one sitting The author maintained a humorous tone while dealing with heavy questions such as What is the point of citizenship and Who has the right to decide citizenship None of the thi...

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    The Comoro Islands story reads like something that Jimmy Breslin would have uncovered years ago behavior that s equal parts cynical, believable, and telling.

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