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Jésus, simples regards sur le Sauveur First Published In French By The Monastery Of Chevetogne, This Series Of Reflections Has Become A Classic In Numerous Editions The Anonymous Author Reveals To Us The Heart Of The Gospel In A Startlingly Simple Way As Soon As You Open These Pages, You Will Experience The Same Impression As You Would On Opening A Vessel Of Sacred Chrism.

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    A dialogue with the Savior is a highly religious yet educational book Unlike fiction books, this one does not have a plot or storyline The book explains many miracles that Jesus did while on earth It also makes connections to the characteristics of the people of the Bible to our lives today You would like this book if you are interested in learning about how to live a Christian life and understand the symbolism and reasons behind many happenings in biblical times For example the book explains that just like the disciples learned by talking to Christ, we can learn by reading the Holy Bible You would also like this book if you want to see how the characteristics of Christ explained This is done through explaining the miracles Jesus did For example the book helps the reader understand why Jesus washed his disciples feet to show that He can also be their servant You would not l...

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    The book Jesus A Dialogue With The Saviour, written by Lev Gillet, an eastern Orthodox monk, was very inspirational By writing about the messages he received from reading the Bible and other spiritual books, the monk explains how to form an intimate relationship with Christ while leaving behind worldly lusts He uses biblical examples of apostles and other figures who devoted their lives to Christ and analyzes their relationship with Christ He explains how we must empty our mind from the world in order to focus our eyes on Christ, for only the simple minded can truly see Christ The monk explains how after taking the first step towards Christ by focusing our gaze on him, Christ reveals everything to us, and many of our questions are answered This helps us to learn about Christ, which is crucial because we can not form a relationship with someone we do not know The book continues to explain...

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    Simple to read and enlightening Very satisfying

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    Absolutely incredible read

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    Was a perfect lenten read

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    Excellent bedtime reading, in my opinion.

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