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An Improper Companion A DEVIL S CHOICEHeather Wade Faced A Thoroughly Devilish Dilemma When She Heard The Astounding Proposal Of The Wealthy And Notorious Sir Leslie Kinwell This Man Who Had Brutishly Dishonored Her Virtue Now Calmly Announced She Was To Become His Wife If She Refused, She Would Be Sent From Kinwell S Castle To Be Cast Alone, Penniless, And Shamed On The Streets Of London If She Accepted, She Would Be Bound In Marriage To A Man She Could Only Despise As An Unqualified Monster Of Depravity Heather Was An Innocent No Longer, But She Still Had Ever So Much To Learn About The Ways Of Men And The World And Her Own Proud And Perplexed Young Heart.

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    Meh, what a snooze I was hoping this would be some kind of HQN Regency hybrid because the guy mistakes girl for prostitute plot is classic WTFery , but it s just plain dull The heroine is dumb as a stump I daresay stumps have common sense the hero is a bland man child who sulks because his nosy sister likes to visit Sexy Seriously, this heroine is one of the most immature 18 year olds I ve ever had the displeasure to encounter I don t care how inexperienced, impoverished, or desperate you are FFS, don t take a job without at least learning what the requirements are That s not difficult or unreasonable If you re willing to let some guy take you as mistress, go for it but don t act like a twatwaffle just because YOU failed to look out for yourself in the most basic ways possible the guy assumes you re fully aware of the job description YOU STUPID WOMAN Then, when the guy tries to make it right by marrying her afterward offering a pretty damn sweet marriage of convenience, she throws tantrums makes spiteful comments acts like a dunderhead So obnoxious WTF would any guy fall for a woman like that, let alone an older, sophisticated rich dude Only in shitty romance novels facepalm Sir Leslie is a mimbo with pathetic abandonment issues, but he doesn t deserve that kind of shrew.Anyway.Nothing remotely interesting happened after the rape scen...

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    I won t rate something that I didn t finish The reason I didn t finish is because life is too short and my tbr list is too long to continue with something that doesn t grab me I m not saying it was awful, I just got bored once the marriage occurred Also it s in first person and while I think it can be done well, it s not my favorite style.Actually it s a plot that is well used in Harlequin Presents novels Hero thinks heroine is a prostitute, etc has sex with her and then realizes she s a virgin and decides he must marry her even if he has to force her to do so and lie that he only wants a MOC He s instantly attracted smitten, but it takes her a while to admit to the yearning of her traitorous body Lots of big misunderstandings where he thinks she hates him and she thinks he has mistresses, etc.This is an old Signet Regency, therefore any sex the...

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    The story was good The hero was wonderful The heroine was too angry, petty, argumentative, abrasive I know she was only eighteen, but she acted like she was five I like to read some of these old Signet books, but this one was not entertaining.

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    written in the first person, interesting plot, frustrated at all the character s stupidity and inability to talk, the emeralds were a nice touch view spoiler running away from the only option of being an unpaid teacher, Heather decides to find a domestic agency and become a companion, sadly no one explains to her what it means to be a man s companion, she is ravished When sir Leslie Kinwell realizes that she was a virgin, he marries her, but promises a marriage of convenience of course he falls for her and tries to make life easier for her, bringing her absent father to recognize his daughter, buying her gifts though books about child rearing were a little premature and gifting her with the Kinwell emeralds, jewels only gifted if the husband comes to love the wife, not just because she is lady kinwell, Heather misinterprets all of Leslie s gestures and was about to run away when Leslie, thinking she is running away with one her beau, confronts her and ...

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    Just when it got good, it was the last page So much build up for nothing If there was at least two chapters I would have truly liked the book.

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    ended abruptly

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