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Ibadi Theology. Rereading Sources and Scholarly Works The Aim Of This Volume Is To Explore Different Issues Of Ibadi Theology From The Early Beginnings Until The Present Day Ibadi Islam Emerged In The Early Islamic Period And Played A Pivotal Role In The Development Of Islamic Law And Theology Today, It Continues To Be An Influential Force In The Contemporary Middle East And North Africa Despite Its Antiquity, Ibadi Islam And Particularly Ibadi Theology Remains Little Known And Has Often Been Misunderstood Up To Now Only Few Prominent Book Length Works Devoted To Ibadi Theology In European Language This Volume Aims At Redressing This Gap By Introducing The Distinctive Theological Teachings Of This Influential Islamic School To A Broad Public, Specialists And Non Specialists Alike Dealing With A Series Of Cases, From Different Periods And Different Sources And Using An Interdisciplinary Approach, The Authors Address Questions Such As Dogma And Creed, Conception Of Faith, Theological Controversies, Reassessment Of Theological Sources, The Ibadi Modernism In Last Century Oman And North Africa Medieval Ibadi Sources Are Crucial To Understand The Early Development Of The Movement And The Doctrinal And Political Disputes Which Differentiate Ibadi Doctrine From Sunni Islam, On The Other Hand The Volume Emphasize The Importance Of Also Focusing On The Th And Th Centuries Ibadi Sources, When The Ibadi Reform Movement Started Looking For Reconciliation Between Islam And Modernity

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