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Unlocking Spanish with Paul Noble Ever Tried To Learn Spanish And Found It Too Hard Bestselling Language Coach Paul Noble Has A Quick And Easy Way To Get You Back On Track With His Unique Tried And Tested Method Keeps Things Simple With Three Basic Rules Don T Skip Anything, Don T Try To Memorise Anything And Cover Up To Test Yourself A Fun, Jargon Free Way To Learn Easy To Understand Spanish Pronunciation PROVEN To Work Paul Can Teach Anyone A Language, Even People Who Think They Re IncapablePaul S Course Teaches You How To Speak Spanish Effectively, Giving You The Building Blocks To Form A Huge Range Of Conversations This Is A Practical Way To Learn The Aspects Of Language That You Ll Actually Need And Use From Booking A Hotel Room To Navigating A Menu, Paul Will Build Your Confidence And Give You The Tools To Handle Any Holiday Situation His Word Robbery Will Also Help Unlock The Range Of Vocabulary You Already Know.Ideal For First Time Learners Or People Who Struggled In School, This Book Will Help You Absorb Information Quickly And Efficiently, Just Like You Did Learning English As A Child Forget The Way You Used To Be Taught This Course Guarantees You Minimum Effort And Maximum Success Without The Need For Complex Grammar Rules Or Jargon There Is Nothing So Complicated In Foreign Languages That It Cannot Be Made Simple Paul NobleA Quick, Easy And Fun Way To Unlock Your Basic Language Skills Perfect For Beginners, This Book Will Give You All The Information You Need To Build Basic Conversations And Get By On Your Travels.Which Paul Noble Product Is Right For Me I Need A Basic Audio Course For Use On Holiday Or A Business Trip Choose The Essential Paul Noble Course.I Am A Beginner Or Near Beginner And Need An In Depth Audio Course Choose The Paul Noble Complete Course.I Have Listened To A Complete Course And I Would Like To Take My Learning To The Next Level Choose The Paul Noble Next Steps Course.I Have Some Understanding And Have Previously Studied The Language, I Need A Book To Consolidate What I Know And Increase My Conversational Ability Choose The Paul Noble Unlocking Series.

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    Unlocking Spanish with Paul Noble is a great book for beginners to learn words and phrases I found it very easy to follow and I would recommend it I look forward to trying out my phrases on my next trip to Spain.I would like to thank Net...

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    Let me start by saying that I have wanted to learn Spanish for a while as I intend on living there sometime in the near future so it is a language I need to get a grip of Paul Noble knows exactly how to get you engaged and absorbing information rapidly This book is miraculous I have read plenty of books that tout themselves as being the one book that can teach you the language in a very short amount of time Up until I read Unlocking Spanish with Paul Noble I have not found any of them lived up to my expectations or their claims Here, Noble truly has you learning by methods I have never seen before and, most importantly, they work If you are looking to learn a language you cannot go wrong with these books from Collins I can t recommend this highly enough As it says in the synopsis, even if you struggled at languages in school or find it difficult to learn or remember what you have been taught this is the perfect title for you Absolutely brilliant Many thanks to Collins for an ARC I wa...

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    Unlocking Spanish with Paul NobleIntroducing Unlocking Spanish with Paul Noble Firstly, it s a lovely cover and design, so visibly 100% Paul and his publisher Collins made the great choice to lay out the book with a wonderful contents page which gives you a great idea of where you jump to, if need be although Paul recommends you don t skip straight away An example of some sections are I m scared of flying, so I m planning to take the Eurostar I booked a table, ordered dinner and paid the bill, what did you do not just dinner, travel and so on Makes it fun and unique Immediately, we felt like experts thanks to one of the beginning pages showing English Spanish, words that you can pretty much just add ico or a at the end, and bam Spanish Later on we see word robbery which is very similar, finding words in English and showing the similar Spanish word, we know so much already without even having to learn them Hurrah Rather than just telling you what certain words mean, the book is like a fun flashcard It asks...

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    It s a fantastic book It teaches you to think about languages in blocks, and teaches you to use blocks to learn to say what you want.While this book only teaches you a fragment of grammar, it teaches you grammar you use every single day, so you ll be able to speak from Day One.As for me, working with the sentences taught in the book and using an online verb conjugator, I was able to write a short email to my Bolivian friend, asking how she was, that I wanted to write her in Spanish, that I decided to learn Spanish, and that I wanted to return her love my reason for learning Spanish , and that Thank you very much.Frankly, I have a few languages under my belt, but I still feel that this book teaches you how to go for the language you ll actually use in your everyday conversation, and that if you remember to break down the language, and play puzzle with the blocks, you ll be able to say much...

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    I m not sure how useful Unlocking Spanish would be to someone who has never taken as Spanish course before This book doesn t teach any grammar and instead relies on teaching how to steal vocabulary from English to quickly and effectively expand the vocabulary of someone trying to learn Spanish.The phrases that are taught are rat...

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    A simple, fun book that gets you speaking Spanish sentences in a matter of minutes.Very straightforward and great for memorizing words and phrases My only concern is that the sentences can be quite specific and not do useful beyond the given context For example, I now know estaba for I was but could...

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    Fantastic read for a beginner or lower intermediate Spanish This was a little below my level of Spanish, but I still learnt a couple of things and the method used here is really effective.I really like how the whole book leads you to be able to h...

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    This is the perfect book for those who want to learn Spanish It keeps everything simple and truly focuses on you learning words as opposed to simply memorising them I would highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn Spanish.

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    I have been using various platforms to try and learn Spainish and this has been by far the most effective with the most measurable results.

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    Pretty useful, I picked up a good amount from this book but I was using it in conjunction with weekly lessons too Maybe 3.5 stars out of 5 rather than the full 4.

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