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Sleeping Beauty & Other Stories (Great Illustrated Classics) For Generations, Readers Have Enjoyed Classic Literature They Have Delighted In The Romance Of Jane Austen, Thrilled At The Adventures Of Jules Verne, And Pondered The Lessons Of Aesop Introduce Young Readers To These Familiar Volumes With Great Illustrated Classics In This Series, Literary Masterworks Have Been Adapted For Young Scholars Large, Easy To Read Type And Charming Pen And Ink Drawings Enhance The Text Students Are Sure To Enjoy Becoming Acquainted With Traditional Literature Through These Well Loved Classics.

10 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty & Other Stories (Great Illustrated Classics)

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    This book have many other stories, and all was fun to read A girl was sleeping for many year finally someone come to rescue her Almost all the book was fantasy and they very interning to read.

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    This book has many different stories about fairytale and tall tales and adventure stories.

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    Sleeping Beauty is a classic, and the great illustrated classics helps to identify that The version of this story is written in poetry, which is unique because I don t remember reading it in a poetic way before...

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    The writing style is very old Not quite King James old, but foreign enough to sound very confusing to today s young children.

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