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Seekers Polar Bear Cub Kallik And Her Brother, Taqqiq, Live In A Cozy Den Nestled Into The Side Of A Snowy Hill Their Mother, Nisa, Tells Them Stories Of The Great World Beyond Their Little Den Stories Of Other Bears, Endless Snow, And Flecks Of Ice In The Sky Called Stars Kallik And Taqqiq Can T Wait To Explore Everything, Though Nisa Says They Re Still Too Little To Venture Out But When The Two Cubs Sneak Out One Day, They Discover Some Startling New Things About Life In The Wild And Make A New Friend Whose Life May Be In Danger

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    Kallik is a young polar bear This is the story of an adventure she had with her brother.Reasons why I like this book Reason 1 It is a very short, easy read.Reason 2 It is a graphic novel.Reason 3 It has polar bears.

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    This book was a intriguing manga that you can see the pictures of what is happening Kallik and her sibling Taqqiq meet a tusked walrus friend and start to play, but the mother sees and attacks them Nisa, the mischi...

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    I loved it I have not read Seekers yet, but this manga made me want to The only negative point was that it was really short but sweet as a cupcake I enjoyed the art, especially the eyes, they made the animals expressive.

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    This book was about kallik and his sibling going with her mamma out to see how bears life are and to learn to hunt They find a new friend whose mamma attacks them and they find a new home I like this book because it s adventurous and when I saw it it made me curious about it.

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    i think this book will be very exciting and polar bears are one of my favorite animals in the north pole or the south pole.

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    I enjoyed this story quite well I epecially liked how they befriended the walrus, then defended him when their mother tried to kill him.

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    Cute showing a scene in the early life of Kallik and her brother but not much new information about the character.

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    I love this book because it s about how Polar Bears survive in a comic.

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    A harsh story think Fox and the Hound but well told Nice illustrations and easy to follow dialogue.

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