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❤ The Son With Two Moms  pdf ⚣ Author Tony Hynes – Horsebackridingwisconsin.us
  • Kindle Edition
  • 234 pages
  • The Son With Two Moms
  • Tony Hynes
  • English
  • 06 December 2019

The Son With Two Moms I Was Taken In At The Age Of Three By Mary Hynes And Janet Simons, After Being Separated By My Schizophrenic Mother Shortly After Birth I Was Shuffled In And Out Of Aunts And Uncles Homes Before Being Placed In An Orphanage, Where I Remained For Two Years After A Tumultuous Court Battle, I Went Home With The Only Two Women Brave Enough To Raise Me However, Neither I Nor My Guardians Could Have Imagined The Trials Awaiting Our Family After The Proceedings Ended This Story Is About A Young Boy Adopted By Two Lesbians Of A Different Race Than Mine However, It Is Much Than That The Harrowing Custody Battle That Shaped An Otherwise Beautiful Childhood, And My Mother S Battle With Cancer, Forced Me To Look At The World In Shades Of Grey At A Far Younger Age Than I Would Have Liked Those Experiences, Many Of Them Dealing With Issues Of Race And Sexuality, Helped Me Stand Out When I Wanted To Fit In I Yearned To Be An Average Child, But People Kept Asking Me About The Two Women Who Came To Pick Me Up From School Everyday Why Are They White And Do They Sleep In The Same Bed Children Kept Asking, Waiting For An Answer My Responses To Their Queries Began To Dovetail Into Deeper Stories, Explaining Not Only My Life, But My Viewpoints As Well One Day A College Professor Discovered One Of These Viewpoints In One Of My Papers And Suggested I Keep Writing Although Sharing My Story With My Closest Friends Was Hard, The Prospect Of Opening Up My Life To Multitudes Of People I Didn T Know Was Harder However, In Spite Of Myself, I Began To Write From My Mother S Last Hospital Stay To My Grandmother S Questioning Of My Sexuality, To The First Time I Was Ever Told My Moms Were Going To Hell Every Moment Was Important, And Every Event Became A Chance To Become A Better Person By Standing Up For What I Believed In, My Family.

About the Author: Tony Hynes

I love finding ways to become a better person Writing, has aided me greatly in that process I write about my life at length, as I chronicle in my memoir The Son With Two Moms which is out now However, sharing my emotions through spoken word is also very important to me There is something about trying to describe your mindset in 100 words or so that appeals to both the writer and inner psycho

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    This is an open and candid memoir that focuses on Tony s upbringing and how having two mothers became an integral part of his identity, particularly to the outside world Hynes covers a lot of different and controversial topics from gay rights to religion as he recounts various events, moments and discussions from his childhood, teen years and young adulthood These issues are prominent in the US than here in the UK from what I can gather from news coverage etc and religion is not a big part of my life so I probably didn t get as much from this as I could ve done but for those who are struggling with any or all of the topics raised this is sure to be a useful and inspirational story I did find some of the conversations a little too neat though and some were maybe in depth than I expected, especially those from his childhood as him a...

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    Tony Hynes remarkable story is both heartbreaking and uplifting His birth mother was too ill to take care of him, and he ended up in an orphanage as a toddler and was stuck there for two years When Janet and Mary came into his life, Tony knew that he d found his true home And then, misguided but well meaning relatives, decide to fight for custody, marring what should have been a happy childhood with two remarkable women.At the heart of this raw and honest and very well crafted memoir is the notion of what it means to be a family Tony paints a picture of an American life, full of rich detail of his day to day suburban childhood as he moves from home to the sports field, church, and then to school When tragedy strikes the little family, Tony has barely time to become a sulky adolescent As much as it is a manual on what it take to be a good parent, it is an inspiration for children with a challenging home ...

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    Tony added me as a friend on Goodreads and messaged me and was friendly He mentioned that he had written a book, a memoir, so I bought it It took me almost a month to read, although it s short, because I was reading other books as well Tony was adopted as a young child by a white lesbian couple, but his blood family, including his mom, who wasn t able to care for him, were still ar...

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    A very touching book Written with great sensitivity, it goes over the author s upbringing by two lesbian mothers in great detail and great sensitivity to all that was going on around him at the time.Even though it is only a couple of decades ago, we forget what novel ground this was in those days, family altercations The tensions in the adopting family and the reactions of grandparents, neighbours, schools are shown in all their rawest forms, and the effect particularly on the author himself is quite harrowing.The most telling passages are when stories are related of his experiences In fact, this is the strength of the book Many other times, the author gives us background information and his take on the attitudes in society around him, but actually, the he sticks to what happened in and around his family and his own direct experiences, the interesting it is He would do well to remember for his future books, that writers do much better when they...

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    I m so happy Tony Hynes shared his story It s clear he was raised well since he has remained classy in the face of adversity and respectful of those who have not always shown him the same respect The book is such a loving tribute to his moms as well.

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    Eloquently written It is hard to put the book down A true story of the difficulties associated with family, adoption, and coming of age.

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    Abandoned Poorly written.

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    Tony Hynes s memoir The Son with Two Moms is the story of a remarkable young man raised by two remarkable women At age three, Hynes, an African American boy, was plucked from an orphanage by Janet and Mary, lesbians in a committed relationship Hynes was left an orphan by his schizophrenic mother Janet and Mary placed him in a Quaker elementary school that reinforced the teaching they were giving him at home to love one another, to live fruitfully and peacefully, and to reconcile any differences with logic and calm Meanwhile, Tony struggled with a maternal grandmother actually a step aunt who fought vehemently to have custody of him in order to raise him as a proud black, away from what she considered the terrible influence of these two women who practiced the evils of homosexuality Thus we have a tale of a boy torn between his loving environment and his cultural heritage And Tony weathered the storm quite well So well, in fact, that he went to college, got a Bachelor s Degree, and earned a Master s Degree in Applied Sociology He eventually became almost a poster boy for the fight for marriage equality in Maryland And today, he teaches children with Autism at an elementary school This is a supremely intelligent and sensitive young man who disproves the theory that anyone raised in a same sex household ...

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    The Son with Two Moms is an ambitious memoir It tackles subjects such as gay marriage, multi racial adoption, adoption by same sex parents, treatments for depression and ADHD, grief and also growing up black in the USA Mr Hynes has strong opinions on all these subjects and is not afraid to voice them.And he is well placed to do so After his black, schizophrenic mother found she could not take care of him, a white lesbian couple took him into their home and their hearts They applied for adoption, which led to a series of court battles In the end, they were able to raise him, but not call him their own.I loved Mr Haynes descriptions of these two women They were both advanced thinkers and splendid human beings How lucky was he to be placed with them The great thing is that he knows this and has not taken it for granted.Equally, they were lucky to be able to raise this man, who is clearly intelligent and clear thinking.The chapters which dealt with the death of one of his mothers were, in my mind, the best in this memoir The loss of this wonderful perso...

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    I recommend this book to lovers of memoirs but also anyone with an inquisitive and open mind interested in seeing things from a different perspective The book is a very personal account of the author s unique experiences but his remarkable tale of love, heartbreak and resiliance also raises important general questions about race, sexuality, religion and the relationship between self identity and mental health As the book is written in such a personal way I feel only able to respond in the same way concentrating on what I gained from reading the book On the face of it as a white, 50 year old mother, born into a traditional middle class family living in rural England I would have nothing in common with a young black man living in America raised by two lesbians And yet I related so well because we all share a basic humanity, we feel, give and receive love, pain and confusion The book raises issues about inter racial and same sex adoptions by someone who actually knows what he s talking about Of course such adoptions are going to give rise to a unique set of problems and it would be naive to deny this But they are problems that can be overcome if the will is there to do so Overall the book confirmed what I ve always felt and that is the most important job any parent has is to make their child feel loved.As a personal message to the au...

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