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The Ties That Bind (Cade Creek #9) Deputy Nick Hale And Dr Devon Berkley Have Been Best Friends Since Grade School They Have Always Been There For Each Other, Even When DB Discovered He Was Gay And Nick Was Not When Tragedy Strikes, Being Best Friends Might Not Be Enough To Keep Nick From Making The Worst Mistake Of His Life DB Has Always Had A Thing For His Best Friend But He Hid It Under Years Of Friendship Not Willing To Let The Man Out Of His Life, DB Ignores The Attraction Growing Between Them And Helps Nick Plan His Future Even If That Future Is With Someone Else Nick Hale Has Always Known DB Had His Back The Man Being Gay Had Never Been An Issue Until One Night, The Comfort DB Offers Him Brings To Life Fantasies He Had Buried Long Ago When It Seems Like Life Has Taken Away His Choices, Nick Gives Up His Fantasies And Goes With What He Believes Is Right But Is It Or Is He Fooling Himself Because The Life He Has Always Dreamed Of Might Just Be A Fantasy Siren Publishing The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection Erotic Alternative Romance, M M, HEA A Siren Erotic Romance

About the Author: Stormy Glenn

About MeI believes the only thing sexier than a man in cowboy boots is two, or three men in cowboy boots I also believes in love at first sight, soul mates, true love, and happy endings.I live in the great Northwest region of the USA, with my gorgeous husband and soul mate, two boxer collie puppies, one old biddy cats, and three fish When I m not being a mother to my six teenagers or cleaning up

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    In this ninth book of the Cade Creek series, the focus is on Nick, the deputy who took two bullets in the previous book to protect Artie, saving his life in the process But healing from those wounds isn t the only difficulty Nick faces, and as it turns out, they are the least of his worries It s a good thing Nick s best friend, Devon Berkley or DB to his friends, is there to support him As it turns out, both men make mistakes as they try to hide their true feelings for various idiotic reasons I wanted to shake both of them, repeatedly, to try to make them see sense After finishing, my first reaction was astonishment about how different this story was from all the other Cade Creek books so far But then I realized that was only on the surface Underneath, this is still a book about love, the deep connections each character has to the other and the community of Cade Creek, and the emotional ties that bind them as a couple Just be ready for some epic stupidity from these two men before they see the light.Nick has barely recovered from the shooting when tragedy strikes and he is suddenly in charge of his three year old nephew and nine month old niece Beyond dealing with his grief, he now has to figure out how to raise two small kids something he has no clue how to do Through it all DB is right at his side, and they become closer than...

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    Wonderful DB Devon is a doctor who loves being in this town of Cade Creek Big studly Nick, a cop, loves his town, too, because his sister, husband and niece and nephew live there also DB and Nick are best friends and have been since they were kids When Nick comes into the ER shot twice, DB takes over and cares for him They tease each other as always, cute banter and true friendship, as DB takes Nick home to recuperate Nick isn t gay, but loves DB deeply They shared a kiss as kids, but that was all Now, Nick is feeling for his friend After the horrific accident, when his sis and hubby are killed, Nick and the kids move in with DB and all help each other deal with the new life they now have Nick is considering marrying a woman so the kids have a mother and a father A lot happens in this short story, it is interesting, believable, the M M sex is sizzling, and the characters are wonderful I love a Stormy Glenn tale, and this is part of the Cade Creek series The men have ...

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    Ok this made me cry at the beginning AND draw a major resemblance to SIGNS movie with Mel Gibson in itin regards to Nick s sister Betty.I actually reallllly liked this Nick s loss kind of forces him to look at his bff in a different light and take a chance Of course, deciding to marry Jessica well that s my big stumbling block They have...

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    Sighh So, Nick and DB I was confused, because I was hoping we d jump right into Bear and his story, but we got a little side step into Dr Berkley and Nick who I was glad to see doing so well after being shot in Artie and Dorian s story Did I mention how much I love this entire series I do and because I m just now finding them, I ve spent the weekend binging on them So, Nick and DB have been best friends since as long as they can remember DB had to bury all of his feelings for Nick, because Nick is unwaveringly straight He doesn t make it a secret either, he says no one will ever top him and he ll never suck a D that doesn t ever get glossed over either, I hope, for DB s sake that he changes his mind, because how selfish right So, when a family tragedy has Nick with the custody of his sister s kids, DB is where he s always been Right by Nick s side If you don t like kids in your stories though, don t worry they re only casually mentionedwhich I didn t understand because hello Nick has 2 kids now they were always off somewhere else though, so whatever So, because Nick is an idiot and DB is a loyal friends who is well versed in hiding his feelings for Nick, Nick decides he needs to get married and the first chick who hits on him is good enough They start dating, which...

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    DB has loved Nick since the moment he knew he was gay Too bad his best friend is straight or is he The Ties that Bind is ninth in Stormy Glenn s Cade Creek series Ms Glenn came super close to giving me a character I didn t like I mean Nick couldn t be that clueless could he His live revolved around work and DB and he never once wondered why I felt so bad for DB He was in love with his best friend and it seemed like Nick did just enough to keep DB on the hook And when tragedy struck it got worse But I should have had faith in Ms Glenn Nick grew a pair but would it be too late I really liked DB He had such a big heart I wouldn t have put up with half the stuff Nick pulled but it fit his personality I loved just how much he cared While at times I wanted him to stand strong, I also understood why he made the choices he d...

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    I always enjoy coming back to Cade Creek and this was no exception This is DB and Nick s story, best friends since elementary school even though Nick is straight and DB I d not and has had a crush on his breast friend since he was 16 Suddenly Nick doesn t seem to be opposed to exploring their attraction but when tragedy strikes he can t make choices just to make himself happy no matter what the cost And DB will support him no matter what even is hi...

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    I really enjoyed this book a lot than I thought I would I think it might have a lot to do with the relationship, the friendship, that DB and Nick have had since they were kids The tragedy that struck Nick wa...

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    So disappointed in this one. it s barely a three

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    3 Heart Review by KimberleyThis book wasn t really as interesting or as exciting as the others were but I still liked it This book takes us in a bit different direction, though.In this book, you have two life long friends Devon and Nick grew up together so they have a long history, they re almost like family Devon is smart, handsome, funny and successful doctor in Cade Creek who is a great catch but is single He s single because he s carrying a torch for his best friend Nick, one of the police deputies in Cade Creek.These two men have a routine of beer, pizza and game watching every other night There s no chemistry, no sexual tension, or anything like that between them, so it s safe to say that the romantic relationship that development between these two seemed forced.I felt that everything that Nick did after the accident was for convenience his dependence on Devon, the relationship he formed with Jessica, the sex he and Devon engaged in, even falling in love with Devon It all just didn t feel genuine.As far as this story goes, Nick was heterosexual with little to no indication that he fant...

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    The Ties That Bind Cade Creek 9 This was great I m glad they figured out they love each other and I can t wait to read the next one too Wtg Stormy

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