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Scrudge & Barley, Inc. A Classic Tale Takes Off In Sexy New Directions Poor Mr Dickens Must Be Twirling In His Grave When E.B Scrudge, Putz Extraordinaire And All Around Numbnuts, Is Visited By His Dead Ex On Christmas Eve, He Can T Imagine How His Life Could Sink Any Lower But The Three Ghostly Spirits That Come Along After Are Even Worse Good Lord, A Dyke, A Drag Queen, And Rounding Out The Trio, A Big, Hunky Bear With Nipple Rings And A Butt Plug What S Next What S Next Is A Good Deal Of Soul Searching And Some Hard Lessons Learned With A Dash Of Redemption Thrown In For Good Measure And Love Too, Believe It Or Not Love That Had Been Simmering All Along At The Heart Of Scrudge S Miserable Existence, Although He Was Too Selfish To See It Until A Trio Of Holiday Beasties Pointed His Sorry Ass In The Right Direction.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 200 pages
  • Scrudge & Barley, Inc.
  • John Inman
  • English
  • 10 June 2018

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    Full review can be found at We ve seen various versions of the old Dickins classic, but I can assure you that you ve not read anything quite like John Inman s retelling Like the classic, there s the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future From a lesbian named Bill, to a mean drag queen, to a hunky muscle guy who has entirely too much fun with a butt plug, E.B Scrudge Ebbie is taken on a ride and forced to face some realities The question is this does it help And will the reader like Ebbie even a little bit before it s over Ebbie would never be accused of being a nice guy after all.Then we have Willie, Ebbie s secretary You will fall in love with him the minute he s introduced in the story You ll also wonder why in the world he fell in love with E.B Scrudge, of all people This is definitely one of those love is blind situations.I laughed I got weepy I was grinning from ear to ear before it was over.Fantastic book I...

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    I can t imagine it is easy to make a romance out of this story Scrooge is normally a non redeemable character Even in the redemption phase I don t think anyone can see him in love In this case we ll call him Scrudge He is equally non redeemable But, he made me cry, and I wanted his redemption and truly I felt his wrongs as much as I felt his ambition that caused them More than any of ...

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    Dickens s A Christmas Carol must be one of those stories that has now been redone, rehashed and revamped a hundred times in all possible versions from the literary, to film, to stage plays and musicals So I always think it is actually a very brave person who actually takes on a retelling of the classic Christmas tale of all time.After reading the blurb for this book from John Inman I was actually intrigued as to what this author was going to make out of this story First the three ghosts I was amused to read what characters were about to play the famous ghosts of Christmas past, present and future Well, I was thoroughly entertained by this book from beginning to end I loved the whole idea and laughed at numerous points in the book However, as amusing and funny as this retelling is by John he certainly manages to work in all the other aspects magnificently When Scrudges ex Barley and former partner of the Insurance Company now owned by Scrudge appears, the spooky feeling and suspense was just as riveting as in any horror book I have read The moments of poignancy and emotion were beautifully balanced with the traditional message of Christmas being one of giving and good cheer Last but n...

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    This book was awesome It was funny, sad his family hit too close to mine and a really great read

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    John Inman is a very favorite author of mine and the thought of reading his version of the classic Charles Dickens tale A Christmas Story had me beaming with joy I could only begin to imagine what the author was going to bring to the table for this one so I was turning pages like a whirlwind I can guarantee that Scrudge Barley is well worth reading and rereading during the holiday season Absolute and total subservience, that s what he required Not to mention a goodly dose of adoration, feigned or otherwise And God help those employees who faltered in their devotions E.B Ebbie Scrudge is worse than Ebenezer Scrooge Years before Ebbie became the owner of Scrudge Barley, Inc., an insurance firm, he was the personal secretary read flunky of old man Barley, and Scrudge worked his way into the old man s bed and his will, getting everything when Barley died Now he rules the company with an iron fist and Willie, his own flunky, is in love with him and happy for the meager scraps of attention he receives on his knees behind Ebbie s desk.Willie lives a very lonely, sad life caring for his mother with advanced dementia and truly having no life beyond work and home He may not be innocent in body but his soul shines with its innocence and belief in the good of others A definite complete opposite from Ebbie who is going to experience a Christmas Eve unlike any other and, in fact, u...

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    4 StarsFull Review I received an ecopy of this book from the publisher This has in no way influenced my review Don t let this book fool you from the cover and blurb, it seems like it s just going to be silly and sexy and campy, but, while it may in fact have Dickens twirling in his grave, it s actually very touching and meaningful.This book was far emotional than it was funny I only laughed maybe twice, but, while I can t say I cried either, I really felt for all these characters I felt terrible for Willie, who was taking care of his mother with dementia and being heartsick over Ebbie I felt terrible for Barley, who loved Ebbie but died knowing Ebbie was only using him for his money I felt terrible for Wendy, who was suffering from an unknown illness, and her mother, who was struggling to pay for everything and help her daughter I felt terrible for young Ebbie, who was treated horribly by his family and his whole town for being gay I even felt terrible for current Ebbie as he started realizing what a terrible person he was and was ashamed of himself because, even though he hurt people and did selfish things, I understood his motivation I m not excusing his actions, simply saying I understand why he became that way , and he was ...

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    4.5 stars Super adorable and funny re imagining of A Christmas Carol, with a cold and heartless Mr Scrudge Scrooge , aptly described in the blurb as a putz extraordinaire, a callous man, who uses people, disdains everything and everyone, fucks his assistant for his own pleasure, and cares nothing for anyone but himself When we first meet him, it s Christmas Eve, and E.B is in his office, finalizing the pink slips for the employees who ll be let go after Christmas, and rubbing his hands at how much money he ll save by not having to pay their salaries any Putz extraordinaire Actually, he s than a putz He s portrayed as a despicable human being, and I hated him on sight There seemed nothing redeemable in him, and I couldn t wait for him to get his comeuppance E.B Scrudge has no heart None at all Until that Christmas Eve, when he s lying in bed in his huge apartment at the very top of his office building and is visited by the ghost of his dead lover partner, Mr Barley, who warns him of the fires of hell that await him if he doesn t c...

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    E.B Scrudge is not a nice man at all Between the way he treats his employees or the way he treats people in general He must go through a ghost from his past and 3 ghost who visit him through the night to realize the way he has been acting towards people is just wrong I really like this authors twist on this Christmas story and the way he writes these characters I really do not want to give away any spoilers so I will leave this review with this was a cute twist on a classic Christmas story between two men, one who was not ...

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    A fresh take on A Christmas Carol I think this may be the first time I ve really felt sorry for Scrooge or Scrudge as the case may be I really liked the snarky humor which may have been the reason I became invested in the character of Scrudge If you like remakes of classic stories, ...

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    Great play on A Christmas Carol.

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