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Reviving America Conservative Icon Steve Forbes Returns With His Most Powerful And Provocative Ideas Yet The United States Has Been Through One Of The Most Tumultuous Decades In Recent History Polls Show People On Both Sides Of The Ideological Divide Believe That The Country Has Gone Off Track If Something Isn T Done Quickly, Americans Face A Bleak Future Continuing Decline And Disarray In A World That Grows Ever Dangerous Steve Forbes, Two Time Candidate For The GOP Presidential Nomination And Forbes Media Chairman, Explains How Today S Malaise Has Been Caused By Years Of Obama S Destructive Policies, A Broken Tax System, And The Federal Reserve S Soviet Style Controls Over Credit And Money The Problems Are Challenging But Forbes Tells Us That, With The Right Policies, The Country Can Bounce Back Faster Than People Think In This Compelling And Much Needed Book, He Sets Forth A Three Part Plan To Revive America Patient Driven Healthcare The Problem With Healthcare, Forbes Says, Is That Big Government, Health Insurance Companies, And Employers Are In Control, Not You, The Patient The Key To Getting High Quality, Affordable Healthcare Is Increasing Competition And Choice, And Putting Patients In Charge Enact A Flat Tax Today S Complex, Corrupt Tax Code Must Be Scrapped The Best Answer Is A Simple Flat Tax Forbes Shows How This Very Bold Reform Would Free America From The IRS And Unleash An Unprecedented Wave Of Prosperity A Sound Dollar As Good As Gold With Its Ever Fluctuating Fiat Dollar, The Federal Reserve Has Blocked A Real Recovery And Is The Prime Cause Of Today S Stagnant, Crisis Ridden Economy The Answer Take The Dollar Out Of The Hands Of The Washington Politicians By Returning To A Monetary System With The Value Of The Dollar Linked To Gold A Clear And Vital Guide, Reviving America Shows How The United States Can Recover The Optimism And Entrepreneurial Dynamism That Made It The Greatest Nation In History These Are 21st Century Solutions Not The Failed Ideas Of The Recent Past Forbes Offers Specific Ideas And Plans, Not Generalities And Bromides, And Is Challenging Policy Makers To Do The Same Steve Forbes Is The Coauthor Of Money, The New York Times Bestseller Power Ambition Glory, And The Wall Street Journal Bestseller How Capitalism Will Save Us Forbes Is The Chairman And Editor In Chief Of Forbes Media, Which Published Forbes Magazine, With A Circulation Of Nearly 1 Million Readers Combined With Forbes Asia And Forbes Europe, And The Company S Licensee Editions, The Magazine Reaches Close To 6 Million Global Readers Forbes.com Reaches Almost 70 Million Unique Monthly Visitors Elizabeth Ames Has Co Authored Three Previous Books With Steve Forbes Money How The Destruction Of The Dollar Threatens The Global Economy And What We Can Do About It Freedom Manifesto Why Free Markets Are Moral And Big Government Isn T And The Wall Street Journal Bestseller, How Capitalism Will Save Us Why Free People And Free Markets Are The Best Answer In Today S Economy.

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    Steve Forbes has written a handful of books on various political issues I ve read his longer treatment on our monetary system This book lays out his problems with, and proposed solutions for, three important things that he believes will revive America I don t necessarily believe these are the MOST important solutions our country needs, but I support them each on their own merits.First is Obamacare Forbes takes the reader through a laundry list of problems with the law Some are philosophical government is constitutionally prohibited to do x , but most are practical rapid premium growth, shrinking provider networks and less access to primary care physicians, crippling regulations, forced conversion to electronic medical records, corporatization of providers where independent practices get gobbled up by large companies, shifting Medicare rules that subtly incentivize hospice care over treatment for the elderly, spike in part time jobs to avoid the individual mandate, medical RD fleeing overseas, and Obamacare was an attempt to solve a bunch of problems with out healthcare and insurance systems it just went in the wrong direction entirely.He recommends the following solutions require providers to post their prices publicly allow insurance to be sold across state lines give tax breaks to individuals who purchase insurance, not just employers get rid of the mandates encourage health savings accounts require hospitals to report 1 h...

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    Steve Forbes gives a brief, but extremely detailed, explanation as to why we should repeal Obamacare, enact a flat tax, and get rid of the Federal Reserve Over a hundred sources are provided and the data is concrete Perhaps the best section in the book is the flat tax section, where Steve Forbes tells the story of how countries that enacted a flat tax experienced unprecedented economic growth as a result of the flat tax The Obama...

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    Reviving America right out of the GOP playbook advocates for 3 things 1 Repeal Obamacare2 Replace the complicated Tax Code with a Flat Tax not fair tax 3 Reform the Fed Go back on the Gold Standard.Repeal Obamacare Since Obamacare has been passed, premiums have risen and deductibles have risen What to do Transparency Hospitals should be required to list the price of procedures and their results Let insurances compete against state lines Insurances companies are government sponsored monopoly Let the free market work..just look at how the price of Lasek Surgery has decreased dramatically in the past 5 years Give Medicaid back to the States..they know how to spend it better than the federal government Implement a Flat Tax The federal tax code is longer than the Bible A study was completed given the same numbers to 50 different accountants..and every one of them came up with a different tax refund No one can read or understand the current tax code A flat tax could be filled out on one index card Contrary to the critics..the flat tax is fairer than today s progressive code Under a flat tax a family of four with 53 k or less of income would pay no tax The current code is tax exempt for those that make under 29 K Just one rate 17% income tax on individuals and corporations Russia and Estonia are recent converters to the flat tax Their economies have soared Reform the Fed The Fed has too much power It print s mo...

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