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Guide To Investing in Gold & Silver Michael Maloney Is Widely Recognized As A Leading Expert On Monetary History, Economics, Economic Cycles Investing, And Precious Metals He Is CEO And Founder Of GoldSilver.com, One Of The World S Largest Gold And Silver Bullion Dealers, CEO And Founder Of WealthCycles.com, An Educational Website, And Host Of The Most Popular Video Series On The Topics Of Monetary History,

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    Great introduction into the history of money and the returning financial crisis that hits our economy every generation I expacted howeverinformation about the post financial crisis and how gold and silver weathered that The writer, who is now also a dealer, advert...

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    Overall a good read with a historical perspective on gold and silver, and how they relate to the economy I recommend it if you have an interest in PM investing but have no knowledge regarding the subject A good starting point.

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    This book tries to convince its readers that precious metals such as gold and silver are true money, whereas all the money that we to call today, be it dollar, pound, yen or whatever, which are printed and backed by governments are actually currencies Money and currency are very similar in that both are portable, durable, divisible and fungible interchangeable , but money is different from currency for the reason that it s a store of value over a long period of time, but currency isn t.Why d This book tries to convince its readers that precious metals such as gold...

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    Every year you hearandabout this financial crisis or that one Occasionally there are economic collapses like what happened in greece We aren t immune here in the United States Hopefully a dollar collapse won t happen during our lifetimes If it does owning physical gold and silver ounce...

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    Must read for anyone who wants to survive the future economic turmoil

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    Must ReadFirst book on this subject and will continue to learnabout this vital topic Read to secure your financial future.

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    One of the best books i ever read about Gold and Silver investment, IT is a must to read for every investor.

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    Informative and good knowledge before buying silver, gold, or both.

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