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Ka-Ha-Si and The Loon: An Eskimo Legend Popular Book, Ka Ha Si And The Loon An Eskimo Legend Author Terri Cohlene This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Ka Ha Si And The Loon An Eskimo Legend, Essay By Terri Cohlene Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

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    A seemingly lazy young man named Ka Ha Si turns out to have hidden depths, and a heroic purpose, in this folktale from the Eskimo Inuit Yupik people of the far north Sleeping his days away, Ka Ha Si arouses the ire of his fellow villagers, who are unaware that he is secretly being trained in strength by a Loon, or that he is the grandson of He Who Holds Up the Earth Emerging from his slumber three times to save his village once during a time of hunger, when he leads the hunters to a herd of walruses once in a wrestling match with a giant, when he defeats his rival and upholds the village honor and once when the village is threatened by moving mountains he eventually takes his grandfather s place holding the world up.The fifth of Terri Cohlene s six folkloric adaptations that I have read, all part of the Native American Legends series the others include Clamshell Boy A Makah Legend , Dancing Drum A Cherokee Legend , Turquoise Boy A Navajo Legend , and Little Firefly An Algonquian Legend this title was m...

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    I ve read other books in this series and I love Native American culture so I was delighted when I found this at the bookshop I snatch up anything to do with Native Americans and I enjoy learning new legends and facts The illustrations in this series are always so vivid and colorful She included an Eskimo song I arise to meet the day My face is turned fromthe dark of night To gaze at the new dawnwhitening the sky It s set in the frozen north in a small seaside hunting village Ka ha si sleeps all day on a caribou hide by the lamp in the igloo I didn t know how or why he did nothing but sleep A loon visits him and tells him to come with him and he ll meet his grandfather So the boy had to follow the bird and eat 4 bitter leaves and bathe in the cold stream every morning Everyone was talking about how lazy Ka ha si was and how he didn t help his mom with anything Then a time of hunger came as the hunters couldn t bring back any food The Loon told Ka ha si he needed to help and he immediately went outside to see what he could do I didn t understand the quick turnaround and the transformation from being so lazy to suddenly wanting to help Of course the hunters were scornful of his offer because if their best hunters couldn t be successful, they didn t believe a lazy boy...

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    As an example of native folklore, this Eskimo legend is quite interesting A supposedly lazy boy who always slept by the fire is coached by a loon who comes to him while the rest of his people are asleep Ka ha si eats from a strange plant and bathes daily in ice cold water When his People are starving, he helps them when his People need to ...

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    This is a good book that explores a Native American legend I would implement this book with the older grades when we cover Eskimos or Native American legends in Social Studies Before reading this book, I think it d be a good idea to research Eskimo s, and as a class activity you can compare and contrast what you r...

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    This was sort of an odd tale, not as good as others I ve read by this author.Jumping on a makeshift trampoline to see the walruses, knocking walrus heads together and throwing them in the boats, throwing a giant, pushing back the mountains, then going into the ocean to become the Strong One.I wonder if his mom knew her dad was He Who Holds Up the Earth The Loon said his grandpa would explain to him, and the Loon explained to the villagers what was happening after Ka ha si left, but we don t know what s going on Until the end, I thought his grandpa was a man I kept expecting him to show up and explain things I d like to have the story of what exactly is happening and what his job is.I didn t like how he didn t get to say bye to his mom, or really even talk to her With him always being asleep, you wonder when he talks at all, and how he eats, etc I wonder where Ka ha si s dad is, and if grandsons take over to be the Strong One I guessed that Ka ha si s sons would take over, and then I realized he won t have kids, because he took over while he himself was a kid So I don t know who s taking over for him Now that I think on it, how Ka ha si had to go to eat fou...

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    Summary This is an Eskimo legend about Ka ha si who sleeps all the time When he is sleeping, a spirit loon visits him and gives him important messages We learn about the Eskimo culture throughout this story At the end of the story, there are multiple pages with images of the Eskimo people and learn about their homeland, clothes, and significant dates Writing Trait Ideas The story focuses largely on Ka ha si and the messages he gets from the loon The ideas developed in the story are the heart of the composition Mentor Text I could use this text when learning about other cultures and also if we are learning about th...

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    The hero of this story is actually lazy the people s complaint about him He does have a couple of heroic moments when he listens to the loon instead of staying in bed all day and night He is always found to have immediately resumed his sleep ...

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    The story about a lazy young man with an unknown important part in his villages welfare Told in a true to traditional story telling.

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    Wonderful retelling of a legend from the native people in which a young boy saves his village from the ravages of the frozen north.

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    This is an interesting take on Eskimo legends I though of Greek Demi Gods as I read this book.

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