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Samurai Zen: The Warrior Koans Samurai Zen Brings Together 100 Of The Rare Riddles Which Represent The Core Spiritual Discipline Of Japan S Ancient Samurai Tradition Dating From Thirteenth Century Records Of Japan S Kamakura Temples, And Traditionally Guarded With A Reverent Secrecy, They Reflect The Earliest Manifestation Of Pure Zen In Japan Created By Zen Masters For Their Warrior Pupils, The Japanese Koans Use Incidents From Everyday Life A Broken Tea Cup, A Water Jar, A Cloth To Bring The Warrior Pupils Of The Samurai To The Zen Realization Their Aim Is To Enable A Widening Of Consciouness Beyond The Illusions Of The Limited Self, And A Joyful Inspiration In Life A State That Has Been Compared To Being Free Under A Blue Sky After Imprisonment.

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    I love this book and the koans This is from the Shonankattoroku collection, the record of Kamakura koans.

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    48 pages of introductions and acknowledgments

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