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Faith and Reason (Oxford Readers) The Philosophy Of Religion Is An Intrinsic Part Of The Richness Of Western Philosophy Faith And Reason Displays In Historical Perspective Some Of The Rich Dialogue Between Religion And Philosophy Over Two Millennia, Beginning With Greek Reflections About God And The Gods And Ending With Twentieth Century Debate About Faith In A World That Tends To Reserve Its Reverence For Science Paul Helm Uses As A Case Study The Question Of Whether The World Is Eternal Or Whether It Was Created Out Of Nothing, Following This Theme From Plato Through Medieval Thought To Modern Scientific Speculation About The Beginnings Of The Universe This Oxford Reader Also Includes Discussion Of Many Other Fundamental Issues Raised By The Juxtaposition Of Faith And Reason, Including Arguments For And Against The Existence Of God, The Relationship Between Religion And Ethics, The Contrast Between Reason And Revelation As Sources Of Knowledge, And The Implications Of Religious Belief For Freedom Of The Will.

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    A comprehensive collection of readings on the relationship between faith and reason.

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