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Christopher Dragon Meets the New World In Christopher Dragon Meets The New World, Christopher Dragon And His New Friends Prove That Love And Friendship Can Exist Regardless Of Color, Size, And Different Lifestyles Two Worlds Become One When The Children Help Christopher Adjust To His New Surroundings This First In A Series Of Bedtime Rhyming Tales Is Delightful For Kids Ages 4 To 8 Every Day Proves To Be An Adventure A Well Developed Sense Of Rhyme Delights Readers Every Time More Beautifully Illustrated Adventures Come In The Second Book Christopher Dragon Shopping With Friends And Subsequent Tales Of Christopher Dragon.

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    I received Christopher Dragon Meets the New World today in the mail My son asked if I would read him one book before bed, so I showed him this book and he chose it over SpongeBob, Minecraft, and Underpants Okay, that was a little odd if I m being honest He is five years old.So, we read the book and he enjoyed it I could end here as ultimately that is what is important.But, I just started listening to a HDMS album, so I will continue The artistic approach is refreshing It appears hand colored then digitally manipulated for layout The story flows well each verse rhyming through the end The writing and art complement one another and I enjoyed reading it out loudThere were two spots where my son stopped and pointed at the art log cabin and Christopher ON the school bus The former to tell me a story about old...

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