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Hooking Up Where Does A Young Woman Find Straight Talk About Sex From Her Friends, Siblings, School And How Can You Tell Whether The Information From Those Sources Is Accessible, Accurate, And Complete Books Will Give Facts, But The Clinical Approach Of Most Books On Sex Makes The Subject As Approachable As A Cold Instrument In The Gynecologist S Office, And Certainly Offers Little Insight Into The Emotional Issues And Real Life Dilemmas That Surround Sex And Sexuality Now Amber Madison Gives You Just What You Ve Been Looking For Comprehensive And Accurate Information Delivered In A Style So Down To Earth That It S Just Like Talking To Your Older Sister Or One Of Your Best Friends Uninhibited, Funny, And Chock Full Of Must Have Knowledge About Safer Sex And Sexuality, Hooking Up Gives You A Tour Of Female Anatomy Plus Frank Talk On A Slew Of Meaningful Issues Concerning Sexual Activity And Intimacy Revealing Her Own Experiences And Sometimes Humorous Mishaps, Amber Covers Topics Ranging From Safer Sex And Avoiding Sexually Transmitted Diseases And Pregnancy To Being Comfortable With Your Own Body Being Aware Of Stereotypes Surrounding Female Sexuality And Understanding Guys Bodies, Emotions, And Their Insecurities She Teaches You How To Avoid Being Pressured Into Sex And Equips You With The Tools To Be Safe And Responsible If You Engage In Sexual Activities.All Medical Information Has Been Reviewed And Endorsed By Both Preface Writer Margaret Higham, MD, Medical Director Of Tufts University Health Service, And Diana L Dell, MD, Duke University Medical School, Department Of Psychiatry And Behavioral Sciences, Department Of Obstetrics And Gynecology, Who Wrote The Foreword.In A Voice That Is Both Informative And Engaging, Amber Will Educate, Entertain, And Empower You Or A Young Lady You Care About To Deal Wisely With The Questions, Decisions, And Consequences That Surround Sex And Intimate Relationships.

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    This is a book for young adults I picked it up for my library and checked it out to see what all the hub bub was about I suppose that some middle america soccer mom may find this shocking or too much information, b...

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    I didn t learn much that I didn t already know reading this at almost 25 years old the chapter on STDs was extremely illuminating , this book would make an excellent gift for any young girl or guy It s a h...

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    Would LOVE to hear anyone s opinion on the age appropriatenessof this book come on somebody help me out here.good information well, I could have lived my whole life without knowing what a mouth damn or whatever was, but will this give them ideas oh my god, cannot believe I am saying this

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    This is an excellently written book that is interesting as well as informative Would be great for any parents unsure of what to say to their kids about sex and sexuality Or give this book to your daughters It s stuff they NEED to know.

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    Super helpful I really connected to certain sections here and was so compelled that I brought it to school and shared it with my friends All of us girls had long talks about things and everyone I showed it to, including the men, wanted to read it also GREAT book

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    I Loved This Book Everything That Was Brought Up In This Book Was True

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