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Dont Throw the Book at Them Don T Throw The Book At Them Addresses One Of The Most Vital Issues In Contemporary Missions It Is A Manual For Cross Cultural Missionaries And National Church Leaders Ministering In Societies Based On Oral Rather Than Written Communication Harry Box, Former Missionary And Researcher In Papua New Guinea And Among The Aborigines Of Central Australia, Explains The Distinct Characteristics Of Oral Societies, How They Differ From Literacy Oriented Societies, Jesus Ministry To Oral Communicators, And Why Effective Presentation Of The Christian Message Demands That Western Christians Change Their Approach To Orality The Book Goes Beyond Case Studies And Analysis, Allowing The Reader To Develop A Detailed Plan For Communication.

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    An excellent study on communicating to people in Oral culturesThis book gives the Basic characteristics of oral learners and how they differ from literate learners It is an eye opening book for those wanting to teach and communicate in an effective way among oral people Oral l...

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    Good but slightly repetitive This book is very helpful to open our eyes to the fact that most of the world Learns differently from the West It is slightly repetitive at times, but well worth reading and implementing.

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    Sobering research and advice about reaching oral cultures Very worthwhile.

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