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Secret Histories: A Repairman Jack Novel PDF Secret Histories A Repairman Jack Novel By F Paul Wilson Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Ever Come Across A Situation That Simply Wasn T Right Where Someone Was Getting The Dirty End Of The Stick And You Wished You Could Make Things Right But Didn T Know How Fourteen Year Old Jack Knows How Or Rather He S Learning How He S Discovering That He Has A Knack For Fixing Things Not Bikes Or Toys Or Appliances Situations.It All Starts When Jack And His Best Friends, Weezy And Eddie, Discover A Rotting Corpse The Victim Of Ritual Murder In The Fabled New Jersey Pine Barrens Beside The Body Is An Ancient Artifact Carved With Strange Designs What Is Its Secret What Is The Secret Of The Corpse What Other Mysteries Hide In The Dark, Timeless Pine Barrens And Who Doesn T Want Them Revealed Jack S Town, The Surrounding Barrens, His Friends, Even Jack Himself They All Have Secret Histories.

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    I ve been reading Repairman Jack books since I was in Junior High like the character Jack is in this book In fact, I started reading F Paul Wilson books IN 1983 which is the year in which this book is set creeepy If you are into slightly supernatural, mysterious adventure books you haven t read any Repairman Jack books no matter whether you are a young adult or just act like one when no one s looking this is a series you ought to investigate Wilson is a master at constructing conspiracies and page turning adventures Pick one up for yourself and the YA in your life There s even a handy reading guide to the series in the back And if you are already a fan of the aut...

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    As far as boys adventure stories go, this one is top notch Adults will probably prefer something a little sophisticated, but REPAIRKID JACK SECRET HISTORIES is sneaky in the way it steadily engrosses you despite its obvious YA limitations and contrivances F Paul Wilson does a fantastic job of simplifying his writing style for young readers while still respecting their intelligence My only real complaint is that the constant stream of references to 80s American culture ...

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    This is F Paul Wilson s first young adult novel This is also our introduction to the young Jack who will become the famous, or infamous, Repairman Jack Part supernatural thriller, part mystery Repairman Jack and the stories of the secret history of mankind form the structure of Nelson s epic I was pleased to see that this YA novel would stand on its own and that it works terrifically as a teen mystery The story also hints at the supernatural secret histories behind Wilson s novels and introdu...

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    The first book of a trilogy that will show Jack as a boy and the things that made him what he is today.

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    The young adult trilogy of Repairman Jack books kicks off with Secret Histories, also by F Paul Wilson Jack, last name withheld, is a teenage boy who rides around the town of Johnson, New Jersey named as such because President Andrew Johnson stayed the night there once with his two best friends Weezy and Eddie Weezy is a conspiracy theorist who believe there is a secret history of the world that is being covered up, while Jack just likes hanging out with Weezy While on one of their adventures, the three kids discover a dead body that has been mutilated and a strange cube that contains an even stranger object inside After discovering it Jack begins to make connections about his local town and mystery of the death and object.As a prequel series to the Repairman Jack series, Wilson has some interesting opportunities and challenges to work with In the adult series, we never really discover how Jack becomes such a formidable individual How does he become a master of being incognito, usi...

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    This book left me mixed on multiple fronts I m not exactly sure why because any explanation I provide is thwarted by my own actions.JACK SECRET HISTORIES, also called simply SECRET HISTORIES, is about Repairman Jack, the younger years As in his teen years Before we ever see him in THE TOMB The story follows Jack, Weezy, and Eddie as they discover in the New Jersey Pine Barrens a strange stone pyramid box While they try to unlock the mysteries of the box, they discover in their town a cult, a cult whose members are strangely dying off As with all Repairman Jack books, there is happening around the mystery than the obvious And there is a mystical connection throughout all the events.The book was entertaining and good so why am I mixed on it First off, it is a young adult book Nothing wrong with that by itself but it does tend to mean that the action and violence is muted On the other hand, I ve already purchased not yet read DEFINITELY NOT KANSAS and FAMILY SECRETS, the Nocturnia young adult series that Wilson co wrote with Thomas Monteleone However, I have not purchased SECRET CIRCLES and SECRET VENGEANCE, the final two parts of this trilogy Also, SECRET HISTORIES does have lots of events and Easter eggs tying in to Jack s future, events and tie ins than I could pick out Some of those things I knew I should know ...

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    It s good but it s so illogical that all this happened and jack conveniently forgot That and you could make a drinking game out of the use of the phrase secret history Enough we get it Imagine if you watched alien resurrection and they kept name checking the title thru the movie It s annoying and silly.dissapointed that the author ended the jack series so poorly and then wrote this unbelievale prequel stuff When wheezy s...

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    Who knew there was a YA Repairman Jack novel Actually there are three I learned something new today F Paul Wilson is a talented author and it is fun to see him setting Jack on the path his life will follow in Secret Histories The action takes place in and around the Ne...

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    I d recommend this quick read for fans of Repairman Jack fiction, and any fans of adventure tales Secret Histories has just a hint of the sci fi and fantasy that are coming in later Repairman Jack novels kind of reads like a Hardy Boys paperback.

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    Nice supplement to flesh out the adult storylines.

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