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Treat her Right (Treats to Tempt You, #2) Treat Her Right Treats To Tempt You, 2 Free Author Serenity Woods Capitalsoftworks.co.uk A Friends To Lovers Fun And Sexy Romance Maisey Graham S Desperate To Devise A New Advertising Campaign For Her Confectionery Shop, Treats To Tempt You The Youngest Of Her Group Of Friends, She S Determined To Prove She S Not As Ditzy And Inept As They All Seem To Think She Is After Witnessing Her Brother S Gorgeous Best Mate, Local GP Joss Heaven, Working Out At The Gym, Maisey Has An Idea Photographs Of Sexy Guys Eating Chocolate Truffles.Joss Isn T Keen On Taking Part He Has Far Too Much On His Plate With His Demanding Job And Family Problems And The Thought Of Everyone In Town Staring At Pictures Of His Chocolate Covered Crown Jewels Doesn T Appeal Either Plus, Her Brother Has Threatened To Kill Him If He So Much As Kisses Maisey But The Crackpot Chocolatier Is Surprisingly Persuasive.Maisey Does Her Best To Resist The Best Looking Guy In The Whole Of New Zealand But When The Chocolate Starts To Melt On Joss S Warm Body, It Seems Only Polite To Offer To Lick It Off And That S Where The Problems Start.Warning Contains Enough Laughter And Loving To Keep You Up All Night Chocoholics Beware This Story Will Make You Want To Lick Melted Chocolate Off The Nearest Good Looking Guy.

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    4 for Maisey and Dr JossTreat her Right is the second in the Treats to Tempt You series This time around Maisey has a fling with her big brother s best friend Dr Joss Heaven.They have been friends forever but Maisey was in put in the no fly zone by her big brother Kole to all his friends The attraction is strong between them and one night after a party at the shop, throw in some chocolate and a sexy topless Joss, Maisey makes Joss an offer he cannot refuse and they finally give into temptation.These two are hot together Joss certainly sends Maisey to heaven and Joss discovers that Maisey is not as innocent as he thought and that there is to her than glitter and sparkles.They are both dealing with issues, Maisey has a daily battle and Joss has family problems Will these get in the way What will happen when their secret comes out What will Kole do I felt sorry f...

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    4 StarsI really liked this book though it had me at odds several times in the book.The characters were cute together, but not over the top all in love Something to me felt like it was missing The sex was hot.Happy Sexy Reading

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    Joss was a selfish taker and mean with it I didn t care for him at all.The balance of power between them is way off He s going to continue to hurt her I don t foresee a happy ever after for these two.

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    This wasn t as good as the previous unfortunately Good plot friends to lovers trope as well Sexy and steam like the last book It was engaging and I liked the characters But the ending wrap up fell a little flat for me No worries There is still in the series

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    What a beautiful story this was Maisey struggles in silence every day, with life s ups and downs, the loss of her older brother, the success of her shop that she started with three of her best friends, and her family whom can t seem to see her good side, constantly putting her down and telling her to grow up She s been brainstorming for ideas to try and save their business, if only she can bring her brother and his friends on board to help out If she could only manage to get one of them to commit, she knows the others will follow Especially the hunky doctor Joss Heaven After an accident coming out of her brothers office, and being rushed over to Joss s medical clinic, perhaps she ll be lucky enough to convince one of them to help them out She knows her idea will work if only she can get them to agree All Joss wants is to find a happy medium to his life, receiving the respect he needs in his profession to be accepted into the folds of the local medical circle, to take care of his aging and sick parents, and to help his devastated sister, who has been abandoned by her ex and left to raise four young children...

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    I was so excited to read Maisey s story and to hear about her and the struggles she has went thru I also loved hearing about Joss and all of the things he is enduring They were perfectly made for each other to be there to help each other out Unfortunately Joss fought it tooth and nail for so many reasons I felt so sorry for Maisey after Kole and Joss both went off on her but thank goodness it all turned out in the end I loved the end ...

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    Chocolate and romance Is there anything better Ms Woods has done it again I discovered her books in 2017 and am loving them I absolutely love the fact that she is not afraid to create characters who have actual problems The characters remind you of friends that may hang out ...

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    Maisey wasn t like she portrayed to everyone Joss was really serious about everything in his life These two were good friends Maisey gets Joss to loosen up to take his picture and their whole friendship changes This book had some really HOT scenes and some emotional moments in it

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    Joss and Maisey A friends to lovers romance Sweet and a little heartbreaking A good story overall.

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    Loved this couple Loved that Maisey had mental health issues.

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