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Pus Junkies Kip Has The Worst Case Of Acne That Anyone Has Ever Seen Zits Cover His Entire Body His Skin Is Aflame With Bright Red, Pus Filled Sores He Has Become An Outcast In His School And The Other Kids Call Him Toad.But What They Don T Know Is The Pus Leaking From Kip S Acne Is Actually A Powerful Narcotic That Produces Strong Psychedelic Effects Soon, Everyone In School Will Want A Taste Of His Hallucinogenic Cream And This Former Loser Will Become The Most Popular Kid In School But Once You Lick The Toad, There S No Going Back To Normal Drugs His Classmates Just Can T Get Enough And As Their Addiction Grows, They Will Stop At Nothing To Get ItIn The Spirit Of Street Trash And Class Of Nukem High Comes A Novel About Growing Up, Finding Yourself, And Tripping On Bodily Fluids Shane McKenzie And Eraserhead Press Present A Bizarro High School Drama Drenched In Technicolor Splatter

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    High school student Kip has a vicious case of acne His body is engulfed in pulsing pustules They make Kip feel kinda funny, but not in a bad way Touching them gives him surges of ecstasy Unfortunately, Kip s dermatological problems make him very unpopular with his classmates, who taunt and bully him But what if he could share the blissful blemish euphoria and become popular When Kip accidentally expels some gooey zit juice on the hottest girl in the school, something amazing happens The girl becomes intoxicated with Kip s ooze, and suddenly The Toad, as Kip has been dubbed, is sought after by the student body Everyone wants a piece of him After they become hooked on his addictive pus, they cannot get close enough to him Poor Kip I had great empathy for him until he became a chemical fix for his army of addicts Being desired all the time can change a shy person Power breeds...

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    4.25 this was absurd and clever and good read it the end.

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    What starts out as a coming of age story about two cousins attending high school evolves into something else entirely bizarre The story revolves around Kip and his troubled cousin Zak two teenage boys going through teenage boy s problems The caveat is Kip has acne Some terrible acne The worst case of acne in the entire history of puberty If you are adverse to any of the following this book may be disturbing.1 Extreme sexual situations2 Extreme violence3 Extreme political incorrectness4 PusIf you replace the word Pus with any addictive drug such as heroine, LSD, ecstasy or all three combined, then you have some idea of the content of Kips pus.The book evolves into a kind of reverse Vampire novel Kips offerings become highly addictive to those of his classmates who sample his oozing s Then the book evolves again into a tale of extreme horror.Thi...

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    This is Shane McKenzie s bizarro debut but don t think for a second that he s sold out or gone soft While the idea and story seems bizarro this is Shane McKenzie and this book is a total gross out, sex filled, bizarro, violent, gore fest The book is about addiction, and then revenge You have those that are addicted to Toad s pus and you also have Toad addicted to the feeling of being a God and then Toad unleashes hell True to form Shane McKenzie may have had every intention of writing a straight up bizarro novel but soon the novel hits splatter...

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    I need to fucking read this ASAP

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    This book is stuck in my brain Forever.

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    So I had been in the middle of reading another book when Shane McKenzie s Pus Junkies arrived and couldn t wait to pop it open So I set aside the other book, which had been turning into a chore to read and got right into this I m already a huge fan of Shane McKenzie, have yet to be disappointed by anything he has written so far, and once again he delivers This one is packed full of fun and moments of pure, delightfully disgusting bits, I think it has moved up to be one of my favorites of his.When I first started it, the main character in it, Kip, is one of those sad and pitiful characters that are usually victims in stories He s a little bit Carrie, a little bit Brian from The Breakfast Club and some of the guys from Revenge of the Nerds I went to school with a girl like him, someone people called Crater Faced Carrie, so I felt bad for the guy right away When I started to get introduced to the other characters his super cool cousin Zak, the asshole jock Chuck and the hot, but seriously messed up Jade , I started connecting them to people I went to school with, and it was easy The characters are very well thought out and you hate and like the right peopl...

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    I have said this before and I will say it again a big element of Bizarro is escape artistry The Bizarro author escapes good taste and escapes all the things they have stacked against them One of the things a Bizarro writer has stacked against them is the central absurd premise To make dying of cancer sad is a magic trick roughly as impressive as pull my finger or is that a quarter behind your ear To make an eternity selling dildos tragic and loaded with pathos is in the realm of Copperfield, Blackstone and Houdin No, I did not misspell Houdini, I mean Robert motherf ing Houdin Shane McKenzie has tasked himself with making hallucinogenic acne beautiful and tragic and with merging American Pie and Porky s with a touch of cosmic horror He s set up a big trick And he pulls it off He pulls it off really well You might very well be repulsed It s a book ca...

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    This is possibly one of the grossest books you will ever read if, that is, you can make it to the surreal and violent conclusion without burning the book with flammable hand sanitizer and running to the shower with a two gallon tub of soap and a three gallon bottle of shampoo I read it in about two days The writing is precise and direct and the voice feels authentic, even though the premise is nightmarish and disturbingly disgusting you see this kid Kip s numerous zits contain a pus substance that is a highly addictive drug And his blood Well, I won t spoil that surprisebut if you dig the imagery of Lovecraft at his most body horror ish, you will love this Reading it feels like watching a b movie as many books of the bizarro genre so, while it is not exactly a literary masterpiece, it is pulpy, fast, and fun So what s different about this bizarro stuff than your ordinary, run of the mill police procedural drivel that you can pick up at your loca...

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    2,75 starsIt wasn t as gross as I hoped for but it was truly enjoyable The writing was also good.

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