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The Selected Poems Li Po A.D., 701 762 Lived In T Ang Dynasty China, But His Influence Has Spanned The Centuries The Pure Lyricism Of His Poems Has Awed Readers In China And Japan For Over A Millennium, And Through Ezra Pound S Translations, Li Po Became Central To The Modernist Revolution In The West His Work Is Suffused With Taoism And Ch An Zen Buddhism, But These Seem Not So Much Spiritual Influences As The Inborn Form Of His Life.There Is A Set Phrase In Chinese Referring To The Phenomenon Of Li Po Winds Of The Immortals, Bones Of The Tao He Moved Through This World With An Unearthly Freedom From Attachment, And At The Same Time Belonged Profoundly To The Earth And Its Process Of Change However Ethereal In Spirit, His Poems Remain Grounded In The Everyday Experience We All Share He Wrote 1200 Years Ago, Half A World Away, But In His Poems We See Our World Transformed Legendary Friends In Eighth Century T Ang China, Li Po And Tu Fu Are Traditionally Celebrated As The Two Greatest Poets In The Chinese Canon David Hinton S Translation Of Li Po S Poems Is No Less An Achievement Than His Critically Acclaimed The Selected Poems Of Tu Fu, Also Published By New Directions By Reflecting The Ambiguity And Density Of The Original, Hinton Continues To Create Compelling English Poems That Alter Our Conception Of Chinese Poetry.

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    Autumn wind clear, autumn moon bright, fallen leaves gather in piles, then scatter, and crows settling in, cold, startle away Will we ever see, ever even think of each other again This night, this moment impossible to feel it all

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    It s Li Po What else is there to say I used to read Li Po and Tu Fu often about ten years ago, so it s kind of a joy to return to these poems It s like reuniting with an old friend A friend who likes to drink wine and ...

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    The first of three books lent to me last Fall, Li Po, 701 762 was a Chinese poet who I suspect was one of those geniuses who rarely edited Also known as Li Bai, he has the kind of rough cut to his tongue which suggests or is intended to seem like he is not a man for second guessing.Li Po s work feels very personal and any emotion or lyric which transcends the moment is thusly pure intention ...

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