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Echo Detained A Satirical, Black Hud Tale, Echo Detained Revolves Around Caleb Nell, An Everyday American, Who Is Snatched Off The Streets After Another Boring Day At His Copy Shop Job And Whisked Away Into The Bowels Of A Secreted, Corporate Run Prison There, He Finds Himself Succumbing To The Ludicrous And Logical Rationale Of An Extended War On TerrorFrom Delicious Meals, To Forced Prostate Exams, To Guards That Seem To Love Him As Much As Hate Him, Caleb Tries To Make Sense Of His Newfound Facility With Only The Confused Wanderings Of His Mind, Interactions With A Strange Array Of Guards And Doctors, And The Writings Of An Off Kilter And Very Dead Philosopher, Dr Ambrose Delasco, Caleb Soon Comes To Terms With Not Only His Own Incomprehensible Circumstance, But The Very Nature Of Humanity S Collective Existence.

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    I found the characters to lack depth and the story line to be murky with the referencing back and forth between Delasco and Echo, the detainee I understand what the author was trying to do, but did not like the book.

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    Echo Detained by Joshua Daniel Cochran is a literary masterpiece, that can easily be compared to Kafka s Metamorphosis Joshua takes his character Caleb Nell Echo out of a lonely mundane life, and sends him to hell, by way of US government officials in suits hell bent on torture Though the story of poor Echo may seem too unimaginable to relate to, if the reader is patient, they not only find themselves in Echo but find all of humanity within the walls of Echo s institution Echo Detained ha Echo Detained by J...

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    Do yourself a favor and read this book Joshua Cochran finds a lovely balance between dark reality and light comedy in this satire that shouldn t be ignored.

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