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Kissing Clarisse -- a young adult short story Clarisse Davies Is By Far The Hottest Girl In Scott S 1957 High School Class No One But The School Stud, Jay, Seems To Even Have A Chance With Her Yet When Scott S Friends Realize He Can Perfectly Imitate Jay S Voice, They Come Up With A Plan That Will Give Him The Opportunity To Kiss Clarisse But At What Price

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    Not gonna lie, I thought the male MC was really naive and dumb But I liked that he got what he deserved in the end which I actually didn t expect so this book wasn t completely pointless.

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    How hard is it to kiss the girl of your dreams Terribly hard if you re a teenage boy named Scott A desperate boy who wanted to be the first to kiss Clarisse.So it s a race against time and against Jay who is God s gift to teenage girls in Nowheresville, apparentl...

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    I m usually a sucker for mid 20th century fiction, especially the 50s and 60s, and 1957 is right up my alley This short story was okay nothing spectacular, but okay I will say, though, that I was NOT expecting the plot twist at the end Ah, sweet, sweet, karma I don t think I can feel sorry for Scott th...

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