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Destiny In Earth S Future, Humans Are Becoming Like Robots And Robots Are Becoming Human As Joe Baker S Friends And Family Undergo The Transition A Procedure Enabling Humans To Upload Their Personalities Into Robotic Replicas Joe Discovers That His Android Companion, Destiny, Is Developing Sentience And Falling In Love With Him Joe S Conflicted Feelings About Becoming A Machine And His Growing Fondness For Destiny Confuse Him About His Own Future His Best Friend, Cutler, Is Pressuring Him To Transition Before It S Too Late Does Cutler Know Than He S Saying If Joe Transitions, He Can Be With Destiny Forever, But At What Cost As He Pursues His Options, Joe Learns Some Startling Truths About The Transition And The Nature Of Humanityand Love.

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    Boy Buys Girl, Girl Evolves Full disclosure I received a free electronic copy of this story for review through Library Thing s Member Giveaways program Also, the last paragraph contains a vague spoiler What s the point of a new generation if we can live forever And there it is My whole problem with the Transition Truthfully, I always wanted kids But Tara didn tand Destiny can t So what s the point When Joe s wife Tara leaves him after than a decade of marriage, he does what many middle aged, newly single men of the future do he buys a companionship android At first glance, the T 26 known as Destiny might seem to be at odds with Joe s longstanding resistance to the Transition in which one s consciousness is downloaded into a synthetic version of one s body everybody s doing it but Destiny is a true android preprogrammed with a variety of factory settings Erotic, Housewife , she lacks any humanity of her own Whereas Joe s Transitioned friends are constant reminders of the crumbling wall between human and machine, Destiny is 100%, honest to goodness not human Much like his plasma screen tv and toaster oven, Destiny is just another one of Joe s toys Until the day she isn t Destiny begins to learn Evolve Becomes sentient As Joe finds himself falling in love with an android, he must decide what s important to him his humanity, increasingly ra...

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    This story started out with an interesting premise Technology has advanced so far that we can take our thoughts, personalities, and everything else that makes us mentally who we are, and download it into an exact artificial copy of our body Androids are common place, as well as an agency that s purpose is to preserve species that are becoming extinct It all sounds like a great future.As the story progressed, I found myself becoming and interested in the way this world worked and the consequences it has on the individual, as well as humanity as a whole There s also a discussion to be made about the love between man and machine because the lines are blurred between the two with Joe and Destiny I find myself thinking about it even hours after finishing the story.The outcome was great, too I found it a realistic way for the story to progress, even if it s not the most positive conclusion I can t elaborate, to avoid spoilers, but...

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