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The Problem of Getting Rich Quik ... part two If Ever She Learnt Her Lesson That You Can T Rely On The Man You Love, Lily Has Certainly Been Taught Escaping To A Tropical Paradise, She Meets An Eccentric Local Woman, Yolanda, To Help Her Rebuild Her Life So She Can Forget About Getting Her Heart Decimated By Richard Hayden Quik, Once Again But Things Are Never That Simple And To Her Surprise, Her Tricky Bastard Ex Husband Wants Her Back And Is Willing To Do All Most Anything So They Can Be A Family Is It Possible To Trust Someone Who Constantly Breaks Your Heart And Spirit Even Though They Are The Love Of Your Life And When You Have Two People In His Life, His Long Term Ex Lover, Tia, And His Best Friend, John Bentley, Literally Vying For Your Blood, Is There Any Way You Can Piece Together Your Relationship Lily Continues Her Roller Coaster Love Affair Ride That Takes A Humorous But Dark And Terrifying Turn In A Surprising Way One Bitten, Twice Shy But How Much Can One Woman Take Can True Love Survive And Will She The Concluding Part To The Problem Of Getting Rich Quik And It S A Much Bigger Problem Than She Could Have Ever Imagined

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    We met Rich and Lily in part one of The Problem of Getting Rich Quik He couldn t keep it in his pants and he was always going on at her that he loved her, but then would toss her out in the most hurtful and humiliating ways And she was always taking him back because she would believe his declarations of love and repentance I thought he was a jerk and she was a fool I will say that in this book, he was on the up and up with her about himself and his philandering ways And she was not likely to take his stuff And they were older and wiser and were honest with one another and themselves But that doesn t stop the outside influences from trying to come between them And with Rich Quik, there were some MAJOR outside influences And they didn t just try to manipulate the situation They decided they were going to physically remove Lily from his life, even if it had to be done permanently In this, Lily HAD her backbone She stood up and she fought for what she wanted and what she needed Rich was a pan...

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    This is a continuation of book 1 and as book 1 ends in a cliffhanger you want to get your hands on book 2 In this one we see Lilly s and Richard s relationship hit new highs and new lows as the struggle to stay together while fighting strong opposition from their detractors.

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