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The Red Rocks Five Friends Makeshift Home Of Abandoned RV S Is Threatened When A Red Rock Appears Red Rocks Decimated Amber S Hometown And She Is Determined To Not Let That Happen Again But Will The Pesky Gnomes, A Peculiar House, And The Complications Of Leaving The One Home They Have Stop Them From Escaping Certain Catastrophe

  • Kindle Edition
  • 109 pages
  • The Red Rocks
  • E.M. Noble
  • English
  • 24 April 2018

About the Author: E.M. Noble

E.M Noble enjoys chocolate cake at midnight on a rainy day when a crescent moon shines Or any other day.

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    The Red Rocks is set in what seems to be a post apocalyptic Earth Mysterious red rocks are seen swallowing up whole cities without explanation or cause We follow the story of 5 teens who managed to escape the red rocks to find themselves wandering around a desolate wasteland of what was If that wasn t bad enough, the small gnome problem that plagued them before the red rocks seems to be getting worse as there is less and less in the world.I will start off by saying I have talked with the author and this book will have at least one sequel Saying that, this book does leave off in a fairly large cliffhanger at the end.You really don t find out a lot about the characters in this novel, but even the characters start to wonder about the pasts of the other characters, so I hope we will be learning a l...

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