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From Restoration to Reform History, Like The Present, Is Always Changing.Scholarship On The History Of The British Isles Is Currently Experiencing A Golden Age The Breakdown Of Modernism And The Eclipse Of Both The Marxist Tradition And The Whig Interpretation That Sees All History As Progress, Combined With The Trajectories Of Nationalism In Ireland, Scotland And Wales, Have Generated Unprecedented Intellectual Activity.In This Volume, Jonathan Clark Discusses Reformation To Reform Between The Years 1660 To 1832 Once Assumed To Be A Politically Stable And Socially Conventional Period In Which Reassuringly Little Happened, These Decades In Fact Display Astonishing Reversals, Achievements And New Departures Covering The Failure Of English Republicanism And Sectarianism, Deep Divisions Between England, Scotland And Ireland And The Impact Of The American Revolution, How Britain Survived And Even Prospered Continues To Fascinate.

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