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The New Evangelization and You If You Re Like Many Catholics Today, You Love The Church And You Long For Others To Know The Peace And Joy You Ve Experienced But How Can You Communicate It Greg Willits Is Passionate About Helping You Share Your Faith He S Explored All Kinds Of Ways To Reach Out From Radio And TV To Various Forms Of Social Media And He S Learned A Lot About What Works And What Doesn T The New Evangelization And You Be Not Afraid Encourages Catholics Everywhere To First Know Their Faith, And Then To Live It And Share It Authentically With Others Many Catholics Have Heard The Phrase New Evangelization But Don T Know What It Means Or How They Might Apply It In Their Lives The New Evangelization And You Clearly Explains What The New Evangelization Is And How It Applies To Every Catholic, And Examines Realistic Ways To Make The New Evangelization A Part Of Each Catholic S Daily Living While Explaining The Goals, History, Concepts, And Action Items Of The New Evangelization, The Book Spotlights Other Catholics Already Making A Difference By The Ways They Share Their Faith And Inspires Readers To Embrace This Call In Their Own Lives This Book Is Meant To Light A Fire Under Every Catholic And To Inspire An Active Response Of Faith Experience The Joy Of Knowing Faith, Living Faith, And Sharing Faith.The Audio Edition Of This Book Can Be Downloaded Via Audible.

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    The New Evangelization should be the priority of every Catholic Each and every one of us should be seeking to evangelize our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and even those you might bump into once in a blue moon In short, it should be our goal for everyone to enter the Catholic Church and come to know Christ.If this sounds overwhelming, that s because it is In fact, I would venture that one of the major reasons why Catholics don t seek to share their faith is because they don t know where to start Of course, the 1 reason is likely due to fear fear of rejection by family and friends, fear of mocking and insults, fear of being seen as a Holy Roller and Jesus Freak Second to that, only barely, is the feeling that Catholics don t know the faith well enough to share.Greg answers all these objections and within this short book 149 pages, 5 of which are footnotes His writing is very simple and easy to read, yet challenging and instructive If you ve heard Greg on Sirius radio or the podcasts he s done with his wife, Jennifer, you know the sense of humor that comes naturally to him That humor comes out in the book even right at the beginning in the Introduction which includes a debate between him and his wife over r...

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    Archbishop Charles Chaput recently made the following controversial statement A new evangelization must start with the sober knowledge that much of the once Christian developed world, and even many self described Christians, are in fact pagan Christian faith is not a habit It s not a useful moral code It s not an exercise in nostalgia It s a restlessness, a consuming fire in the heart to experience the love of Jesus Christ and then share it with others or it s nothing at all CatholicPhilly.com In The New Evangelization and You Be Not Afraid, Greg Willits helps each one of us rekindle the consuming fire of our faith within our hearts, stir it into flames in our lives, and spread the flames of transformation into our world As Christians, we all need to be renewed in our faith and reminded what our mission is in this world We all need a booster shot of enthusiasm and encouragement The New Evangelization and You is a dose of exactly what I needed to get me fired up about my faith In his fresh, charismatic, and candid style, Greg articulately explains exactly what the New Evangelization is and what we need to do to be successful evangelists He inspires, motivates, and teaches us to know the faith deeply...

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    This book not only left me feeling motivated and heartened, it also gave me a lot of ideas I could actually, in parts, hear Willits s voice, and I m sure other fans of his work over the years will find the same.Not only is this a practical handbook, it s an inspirational examination of what those of us who are just normal, ordinary Catholics in the pew can do to be part of whatever this New Evangelization really is Or isn t.Willits is ...

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    This book shows people different ways to evangelize people about the Catholic faith Greg also uses humor in his book that shows his personality and brings a smile to the readers face, an example of humor he uses in the book is one chapter in his book is called Don t be squishy very good book

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    A really great book on the New Evangelization and what that means for us individually Full of thoughtful, practical advice on how to learn , live and share our faith

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    If there was an option for 6 or 7 stars, I would choose it Monumental book I will be posting a review on my blog and I have a few ideas up my sleeve for this book

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