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[[ Epub ]] ➟ Unearthly Author Cynthia Hand – Horsebackridingwisconsin.us
  • Hardcover
  • 372 pages
  • Unearthly
  • Cynthia Hand
  • Slovak
  • 13 December 2017
  • 9788074471636

UnearthlyClara Je Bytos S Anjelskou Krvou M Poslanie, Ktor Sa Jej Po Astiach Zjavuje Mus Zachr Ni Nezn Meho Chlapca Z Horiaceho Lesa Netu V Ak, Kto Je Ten Chlapec A Pre O Ho M Zachr Ni Po Pres Ahovan Sa Do Nov Ho Mesta Sa Clara Zozn Mi S Christianom, Tajomn M Chlapcom Z V Zie Christian Je Charizmatick , Mil , Ve Mi Pekn , Ale M Priate Ku A Tak Si Claru Sotva V Imne Podar Sa Clare Splni Svoju Anjelsk Lohu A Vyhovie Tak Svojej Mame Je Christian Skuto Ne Tou Pravou L Skou Alebo Len Dobr M Priate Om Clara Si Postupne Zvyk V Novom Prostred A Z Rove Objavuje Z Hadn Svet Anjelov Zis Uje, O V Etko E Te O Sebe A O Ostan Ch Nadpozemsk Ch Bytostiach Nevie Nie V Etci S Toti Dobr

About the Author: Cynthia Hand

Cynthia Hand is the New York Times bestselling author of several books for teens, including the UNEARTHLY trilogy, THE LAST TIME WE SAY GOODBYE, MY LADY JANE and MY PLAIN JANE with fellow authors Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows , THE AFTERLIFE OF HOLLY CHASE, and the upcoming novels THE HOW AND THE WHY and MY CALAMITY JANE also with Ashton and Meadows Before turning to writing for young adults,

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    Honestly, after reading at least one of the following books Hush, Hush, Halo, Fallen do you really believe there is a good paranormal YA romance about angels out there A book about proms, love triangles, hawt boys, that doesn t make you want to hurl No Neither did I before reading Unearthly.I was very much impressed by this novel I was cautious and not trusting of positive reviews of it, and it ended up exceeding my expectations The book never even once made me roll my eyes something that I always expect to do when I open any teen romance It is not driven by the main character s stupidity, like many paranormal romances are It is not focused on some girl s obsession over a guy who treats her like crap It is pretty much a breath of fresh air.Clara is an angel blood 1 4th angel, 3 4th human She just received her purpose a task that all angel bloods have to fulfill in their lives This purpose has something to do with a boy Clara sees in her visions and she thinks it is her duty to save his life She moves closer to him, tries to get to know him and has a bit of a crush on him Only it seems her purpose in regards to Christian is not quite clear and neither are her feelings towards him.Apparently, it is possible to write a paranormal romance which employs all standard elements of the genre, and m...

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    Got to rate a 5 for my own book

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    It s been a few months since I finished this book and I m still swooning You shall be read again soon my precioussssssActual rating Teetering on 4.5 stars Hush, Hush, who Halo, what Fallen, huh After reading the catastrophe Hush, Hush, I had pretty much given up on reading any books involving angels As far as I was concerned it would be my first and last angel book I resisted the urge mostly thanks to my dear Goodreads friend s reviews to pick up Halo and Fallen, even though they still remain on my TBR shelf At first glance I thought, 435 pages This means 435 pages of misery or 435 pages of awesomeness Needless to say, I was not very optimistic about this book, demoting it all the way to the bottom of the library book pile But, I decided to give it a chance And I can honestly say I m glad I did Unearthly will make you forget all about those sad, pathetic excuses for a book about angels Unearthly is the real deal Unearthly tells the story of a 16 year old girl, Clara, who is 1 4 part angel blood The book opens with her discovering her purpose in life It appears she is destined to save a young boy from a forest fire So, together with her mother and brother, Jeffery, they pack up their house and home and move from California to Wyoming At first glance, you think you have this book figured out You re thinking, Ok, I know what s going to happen She is going to save this d...

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    4.5 out of 5 stars Finally, a well written angel series Clara s physical appearance, the wings, the flying, the glory make angels sound impossibly beautiful The descriptions are so well done that you can really picture and feel what it would like to be in the presence of one The supernatural aspects are well balanced by a solid grounding in Clara s day to day life as a teenager with excellent descriptions of school projects, relationships with her friends and her brother, and especially her conflicted relationship with her extraordinary mother The characters are well developed and there s terrific courtship that is blessedly normal and crazy appealing I appreciate the unusual choice to wait until much later in the book to get things really started on the dating front, as you ve already gotten to know Clara ...

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    I always feel a little bad when I disagree with the majority about a book, like there must be something I m missing or I obviously didn t get it I do understand why a lot of people enjoyed Unearthly and there were parts I liked too but I still wasn t blown away As far as young adult stories about angels go, this is probably one of the best only, that s not really saying much I found the book okay in many ways, I don t have a huge rant to make about girls who are obsessed with boys over everything else, or just plain annoying but the most dominant emotion I felt through a lot of this novel was boredom.It seems that my expectations are always going to be ripped apart and tossed aside If I d opened this book expecting to hate it, I d probably have written a 5 star dazzling review As it happens, I was hyped up on all the rave reviews, even from some of my hardest to please friends and I kept reading on and on and waiting for the plot or characters to grab me so I d think yes, I definitely see why everyone loves this but it never happened that way It starts with a mysterious vision that sounded potential...

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    Rating 2.5 Stars I just want to let you all know that while I m writing this, I am also building a fort Yes, a fort to protect me from all the boulders and bombs that will most likely be thrown my way for highly disliking this novel It doesn t matter that my fort is made of pillows or that it contains highly flammable books inside it the point is, I have a fort Thus, I hope you won t attack me sincewellI have a fort Part 1 In Which I Get It I get it I seriously do I get why there is so much hype surrounding this novel I get why you all love it I really do Unearthly released during a time when angel novels such as Hush, Hush, Hades, and Fallen were making waves not all good in the book community Thus, in comparison with those novels, Unearthly is truly a masterpiece But, in my opinion, it s a masterpiece in the same way that Twilight is a masterpiece when compared to Fifty Shades of Grey or Beautiful Disaster It s much better...

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    I m looking at you Why are you always trying to hide how pretty you are I ve been thinking about my rating of this book for two hours, and it s precariously between 1 and 2 stars since the moment I finished it I know you re wanting to beat the crap out of me right now for giving this book just two stars How dare I Please, just let me explain, and if you re not satisfied with the answers after that, you can slap my face as hard as you want I ll let you Hey, Carrots, he says Unearthly is not an awful book by all means The book starts off with a great premise and a strong lead famale character Although I didn t like Clara, for her voice being flat and quite boring when she tries to narrate her own story in each chapter She s just rambling and going on and on with her routine, which I didn t want to know I wanted to tell her to shut the f ck up and rearrange her thought when her story started spinning out of its way I think he seriously believes that deflowering an angel could mean an eternity in fiery hell The setting of Unearthly is weak, in my opinion, and I didn t blame the author for this I blamed myself because I couldn t get into the story and the world building that was easily to fall...

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    Well, well, well It s angels again.Angelology is back breaking work I have a trunked angel work that I will one day revisit I ve worked too hard to drop it And I mean that sincerely I began writing it two years ago, and I am still not finished with the research I still have stacks and stacks of angel related references lying around, from fiction to dictionary format archives, from endless websites to spin off scripture, from links to Renaissance artwork to holy books I ve read both the Torah and the Bible, and I m working on the Qur an I ve watched movie after movie, and not enjoyed any of them How can I, when I spend the whole two hours writing notes and spotting mythology farts Perhaps this sounds a huge complaint I can assure you, it isn t Research is endless work, but endless fun too It s learning in its most accessible form There s no better way to educate yourself than to study topics that fascinate and interest you It s just good sense.I feel some kind of spiritual connection to this Cynthia Hand She has her research in the bag In Unearthly, the mythos and the obviously meticulous research that went into it was what carried it for me For the most part, at least.The Black Wings, though not entirely how I have formulated them in my mind, were fascinating Grief and sorrow are perfect emotions to pin on them, and the way they were described was brilliantly creepy Samjeeza was a hot damn fallen angel, no sh...

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    When I saw that one of my favorite goodreaders, Tatiana, gave this book four stars I thought she d gone insane I mean, it s a YA book featuring angels for crying out loud Surely it can t be good let alone worthy of four whole stars from Tatiana, so clearly she lost her mind But I purchased the audiobook anyway because it was January 13th and I was anxiously awaiting the release of Shadowfever which was still five days away at the time Plus it didn t hurt that this audiobook was reasonably priced Initially I was a little irritated with Unearthly It starts out with a dream vision that the main character has is it just me or do too many of these books start out the exact same way But I kept with it because I paid for it, dangit Fortunately it didn t take too long for my initial irritation to wear off I d say no longer then the first few chapters For the next several chapters I didn t have much of an opinion Not that the book was bad, because it wasn t The writing was fine, good even, but I refused to make an official judgment call Too many times I ve fallen in love with a book only, in the end, to hate it than poison I wasn t going to get burned Nope Not me Not again Now all is said and done I m going t...

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