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TV Horror Horror Is A Universally Popular, Pervasive TV Genre, With Shows Like True Blood, Being Human, The Walking Dead And American Horror Story Making A Bloody Splash Across Our Television Screens This Complete, Utterly Accessible, Sometimes Scary New Book Is The Definitive Work On TV Horror It Shows How This Most Adaptable Of Genres Has Continued To Be A Part Of The Broadcast Landscape, Unsettling Audiences And Pushing The Boundaries Of Acceptability The Authors Demonstrate How TV Horror Continues To Provoke And Terrify Audiences By Bringing The Monstrous And The Supernatural Into The Home, Whether Through Adaptations Of Stephen King And Classic Horror Novels, Or By Reworking The Gothic And Surrealism In Twin Peaks And Carnivale They Uncover Horror In Mainstream Television From Procedural Dramas To Children S Television And, Through Close Analysis Of Landmark TV Auteurs Including Rod Serling, Nigel Kneale, Dan Curtis And Stephen Moffat, Together With Case Studies Of Such Shows As Dark Shadows, Dexter, Pushing Daisies, Torchwood, And Supernatural, They Explore Its Evolution On Television This Book Is A Must Have For Those Studying TV Genre As Well As For Anyone With A Taste For The Gruesome And The Macabre.

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    TV Horror Investigating the Dark Side of the Small Screen by Lorna Jowett, Stacey Abbott is a 2013 I.B Tauris publication For Halloween, I wanted to feature a book on my blog that analyzed the horror genre either in books, movies or television I never got around to finding a book about horror novels, I did find a few disappointing lists and breakdowns of the horror genre in films, but television Not a lot out there analyzing the small screen contributions to the horror genre So, when I happened upon this book, I was intrigued, but cautiously optimistic Thankfully, I was very pleasantly surprised by this book It s the perfect length, covers a great deal of material without getting too caught up in opinion and minutia In fact, this book could be used for a class paper, or for research, but it is also very entertaining, and quite interesting The small screen was often thought of a lesser medium compared to movies, but over time, television has evolved and is giving the movie industry a run for its money in technique, writing, and quality visual and audio effects When I started reading this book, I was again re...

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    Lorna Jowett Stacey Abbott are excellent horror scholars who focus primarily on television I wouldn t hesitate to assign this volume in a survey course or seminar The authors never pile jargon on readers nor do they make assumptions about theoretical knowledge Disclaimer both authors publish edit in...

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    While there have been plenty of books looking at horror in film or literature this is, as far as I m aware, the only book to take a critical look at horror on television Not only is it original in that way, it also has the distinction of being intelligently written by Lorna Jowett and Stacey Abbott, who seem to not only be incisive critics but who also have a solid background knowledge and respect for their subject While many in the past view the genre as either low brow pop culture or lament that it appears on television in a watered down form, Abbott and Jowett actually look at what has happened in the past and what is currently going on and make quite brilliant analysis of horror s tropes, techniques, structural forms, content, and even the medium itself.It might be called an academic book but their writing is clear and concise and easily understood and the general brilliance of their observations makes it an exciting read As a brief example, when writing on art horror they observe the examples of Lars Von Trier and David Lynch, both of whom made surprisingly popular television series, despite their backgrounds Both David Lynch and Von Trier were associat...

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    A helpful book for undergrad media students looking at TV horror

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