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Dick Cheney Saves Paris With Insight, Humor, And A Bit Of I Don T Know What, Ryan Forsythe Turns The Modern Political Satire On Its Head In This Alternative Historical Novel Exploring Why Dick Cheney Has Done The Things He S Done.We First Meet A Young Richard Bruce Dick Cheney In The Year 2791 As He Endures Another Of His Dad S Lectures On The Terrible No Good Gore Presidency, The Source Of All Suffering In The World After A Series Of Freak Time Travel Accidents Vaporized Our Dearest Celebrities Soon Cheney Is On A Joyride Through Time With His Buddy Kimo Unfortunately, Their Time Machine Stalls Out On The Interyear And Dick Finds He Is Stuck In The Nixon Administration.Recalling His Father S Rants, Cheney Realizes He Has The Opportunity To Change History If He Can Ensure Gore Loses The 2000 Election, Perhaps 800 Years Later He Could Finally Make His Old Man Proud Will The Assistance Of Alien Pinochle Player Donald Rumsfeld Be Enough Or Will He Have To Enlist Both Foul Mouthed Mob Boss Ralph Nader And The Secretly Republication Robot Joseph Lieberman And What Does The Iran Contra Scandal Have To With Any Of This Forsythe Skewers The Conventions Of Modern Books And DVDs, With Numerous Bonus Features Included Are A Deleted Epilogue Obviously Not Deleted A Faux Author Commentary Featuring Forsythe And Cheney Discussing Cheney S Actions In Chapter One And A Reading Group Guide, With Discussion Questions And An Author Interview.Dick Cheney Saves Paris Heralds A New Voice In The Genre Of Personal And Political Madcap Sci Fi Meta Anti Novels Read The Book About Which Lost Writer Brian K Vaughan Says, There Is No Way In Hell I M Gonna Read This, Much Less Blurb It.

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    First, let me say that this is a very funny book If you are up on your current events especially politics since the Nixon administration you will probably laugh a lot Many of the jokes pertain to the antics of Dick Cheney time traveler and our hero , Donald Rumsfeld an alien , Joe Lieberman a robot , Ralph Nadar time traveling spoil sport and of course, Al Gore who.Dick Cheney travels back in time and while there decides to please his old man from the 27th century and make sure Al Gore never gets elected Several nefarious agents and time travelers are in on the scheme for various reasons and they all come together on one madcap night in November of 2000 remember that night so that good prevails over evil and time can be re written so that Al Gore does not become president which will lead to the ultimate evilwhich I cannot reveal, or it would spoil it for you, dear reader, and that is part of the fun.I also loved the varying discussions about the ins and outs of time travel fueled by yogurt and the future history regarding the regulation of time travel and some of the problems that arise in the future because we are so able to change history It makes just enough sense to be fun and thought provoking.The meta novel part appealed to me as well Ryan Forsythe, the author, chronicled what I assume is a semi autobiographical tale of how he came to write and publish this time traveling caper novel on the...

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    Dick Cheney Saves Paris is everything it sets out to be and Irreverent, illogical, semi serious, and super entertaining It goes without saying it s not a straightforward story Time machines even those powered by yogurt have a way of mucking up the linear progression of things, but Forsythe takes the whole alternate universe thing about as far as it can go What threw me for a loop was the meta aspect of the novel Forsythe s commentary on how he wrote the book shortly after 2008, let it sit in his hard drive, and then dusted it off and made a mad push toward publication so it would coincide with the release of Dick Cheney s memoir In My Time Because the subject of the novel is a public figure whose notoriety hinges on recent events, the meta aspects blend seamlessly with the rest of the novel In fact, I enjoyed reading the personal parts as much, if not , than the novel itself especially toward the last third as the story winds...

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    I received the book free from Library Thing, and wasn t sure what exactly to expect from it I am old enough and have followed current events long enough to understand and appreciate the plot, characters and antics I loved the way the author researched the material or knew remembered to insert events and personalities correctly and at just the right time to make the story interesting and realistic I never would have thought of setting a plot in the future in such a neat way to be able to go back into time and relate change history, and his use of the time machine and yogurt was unique and great The basic plot is short Go back in time to prevent the Al Gore presidency and the terrible effects it had His mix of time travelers we all well remember I hope , Joe Lieberman, Ralph Nadar, Donald Rumsfeld, work ...

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    This type of humor is just not my cup of tea I couldn t get into the book and found myself sighing at some of the corny jokes However, if parodies, especially political and current event ones, are your thing, th...

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    Started reading this book It seems to be trying to capture the humour of a Hitchhiker s Guide. but not quite succeeding Intermixing the author s personal thoughts on writing the book didn t help either I gave up 1 4 of the way in The story was just too nonsensical for my tastes.

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    Hilarious experimental fiction.

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