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Making Chastity Sexy Even Though They Are Immersed In Sex Saturated Society, Millions Of Teens Are Pledging To Remain Virgins Until Their Wedding Night How Are Evangelical Christians Persuading Young People To Wait Until Marriage Christine J Gardner Looks Closely At The Language Of The Chastity Movement And Discovers A Savvy Campaign That Uses Sex To Sell Abstinence Drawing From Interviews With Evangelical Leaders And Teenagers, She Examines The Strategy To Shift From A Negative Just Say No Approach To A Positive One Just Say Yes To Great Sex Within Marriage Making Chastity Sexy Sheds New Light On An Abstinence Campaign That Has Successfully Recast A Traditionally Feminist Idea My Body, My Choice Into A Powerful Message, But One That Gardner Suggests May Ultimately Reduce Evangelicalism S Transformative Power Focusing On The United States, Her Study Also Includes A Comparative Dimension By Examining The Export Of This Evangelical Agenda To Sub Saharan Africa.

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    Fascinating book that analyzes how evangelicals have sought to sell teens on the value of abstinence and how successful these campaigns have been.I picked up this book expecting to come away with a rather negative view of how evangelicals bungled up abstinence campaigns in the past twenty years I think the author did as well when she began the story I found a lot to appreciate in these campaigns than I expected such as how these campaigns have sought to focus on abstinence as a positive rather than a negative thing a do this , not a don t do this mentality, and how they seek to remind teens of their agency and ability to make wise decisions in this area you don t have to follow the crowd.One of the most interesting aspects of these efforts was how evangelical abstinence campaigns try to use sex in order to sell their audience on the value of not engaging in it before marriage I also found it interesting how much these campaigns try to sell abstinence primarily on the basis that it will give them great sex in marriage Of cou...

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    I initially sought this book as a secondary source for my dissertation, but I recommend it to anyone interested in the popularity, complexity, and impact of the American evangelical purity movement Unlike other books that have addressed this movement, Making Chastity Sexy considers the theological, rhetorical, and cultural consequences of the movement with equanimity My only frustration was that while Gardner address the U.S evangelical relationship to the purity...

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    I was born in the 80s and then subjected to the purity culture revival of the 90s Pam Stenzel told me how sex had a price tag and purity rings and balls were becoming trendy Perhaps it was my contrarian nature but I never took to this ideology and I ve bee...

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