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10 thoughts on “The Prince and the Wolf: Latour and Harman at the LSE

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    I didn t actually read this to the end I dropped it at 60% in order to have time to return the ebook for a refund This isn t very good Although it _is_ what it says on the tin I knew it would be short, for one , Bruno Latour is a very poor speaker I should remember this from having seen him on YouTube, but maybe mixed it with the cringecore from his newfound Gaia obsession Graham Harman is surprisingly cogent, which maybe explains how he s so prolific he just writes the way he talks, apparently.This is at a point in time where Prince of Networks was circulating in samizdat form and some people also had had access to early versions to An Inquiry on Modes of Existence The latter was much restricted, however, and most of the discussion is about the Harmanized Latour described in Prince Latour is very self effacing, a bit shy about coming out as a philosopher that s an interesting position not the hyperphilosophical nonphilosopher Laruelle, but the paraphilosophical author that exists in books, and can hardly speak apparently This is bottom of the barrel, maybe for people who keep on having a H...

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    An interesting debate between Bruno Latour and Graham Harman about the metaphysics of Actor Network Theory.

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    Pretty rambling I wouldn t consider this essential reading Only read the book if you re really into Latour or Harman or if you just want to read a fairly casual conversation between philosophers.

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    I began reading this with Prince of Networks and actually finished this first There are some really great discussion points that Harman and Latour share and while it contains philosophy lingo than I r...

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    While there are significant flashes of insight, I believe that this would be a much better read if someone summarises this into a five pages report.

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