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IPv6 Essentials IPv6 Essentials, Second Edition Provides A Succinct, In Depth Tour Of All The New Features And Functions In IPv6 It Guides You Through Everything You Need To Know To Get Started, Including How To Configure IPv6 On Hosts And Routers And Which Applications Currently Support IPv6 The New IPv6 Protocols Offers Extended Address Space, Scalability, Improved Support For Security, Real Time Traffic Support, And Auto Configuration So That Even A Novice User Can Connect A Machine To The Internet Aimed At System And Network Administrators, Engineers, Network Designers, And IT Managers, This Book Will Help You Understand, Plan For, Design, And Integrate IPv6 Into Your Current IPv4 Infrastructure.Beginning With A Short History Of IPv6, Author Silvia Hagen Provides An Overview Of New Functionality And Discusses Why We Need IPv6 Hagen Also Shares Exhaustive Discussions Of The New IPv6 Header Format And Extension Headers, IPv6 Address And ICMPv6 Message Format, Security, QoS, Mobility And, Last But Not Least, Offers A Quick Start Guide For Different Operating Systems IPv6 Essentials, Second Edition Also Covers In Depth Technical Guide To IPv6 Mechanisms And Case Studies That Show How To Integrate IPv6 Into Your Network Without Interruption Of IPv4 Services Routing Protocols And Upper Layer Protocols Security In IPv6 Concepts And Requirements Includes The IPSEC Framework And Security Elements Available For Authentication And Encryption Quality Of Service Covers The Elements Available For QoS In IPv6 And How They Can Be Implemented Detailed Discussion Of DHCPv6 And Mobile IPv6 Discussion Of Migration Cost And Business Case Getting Started On Different Operating Systems Sun Solaris, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, And Cisco RoutersWhether You Re Ready To Start Implementing IPv6 Today Or Are Planning Your Strategy For The Future, IPv6 Essentials, Second Edition Will Provide The Solid Foundation You Need To Get Started Silvia S Look At IPv6 Is Always Refreshing As She Translates Complex Technology Features Into Business Drivers And Genuine End User Benefits To Enable Building New Business Concepts Based On End To End Models Latif Ladid, President IPv6 Forum, Chair EU IPv6 Task Force

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    A distillation of the RFCs related to IPv6 Very focused on the bits and where they go which is useful when programming in the network stack, but doesn t help much when writing application level IPv6 enabled code.Gives decent overview of IPv6 administrat...

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    Lacks the information one would need in working with IPv6 but it does cover the science behind it quite well One of the difficult computer reads that I have come across Not recommended but as a once a year if that reference.

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    Good read it s a bit older and may be out of date in some sections but it was a good, readable intro to IPv6 and managed to make interesting an otherwise dry and dull subject.

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