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Toddler Bargains In 2004, An Estimated 4 Million Toddlers Will Take Their First Steps, Say The Word No, And Cost Their Parents In Excess Of 2,000 In Food, Clothing, Daycare, And Other Necessities Toddler Bargains Is For People Who Want The Best For Their Little Ones But Don T Want To Pay Top Dollar It Lists Bargains And Deals On A Wide Range Of Child Related Products And Services, From Bedroom Decor To The Latest Toys To Swimming Lessons Parents Are Given Key Information In Chart Form Such As Ratings Of Car Booster Seats, As Well As Toy, Book, And CDROM Recommendations By Age In Addition, There Is Advice On Kid Friendly Destinations For Family Trips, Safety News On A Variety Of Items, And A List Of The Best Bets For Eating Out With Children This Edition Has Been Extensively Updated, With New Information On Websites, Outlets, And Freebies.

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    Not as fantastic as Baby Bargains in the sense that you may not be as overwhelmed with products to buy or not to buy when you have a toddler and are aexperienced parent, but still worth a check out trip to the library for ideas on potty training grea...

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    The reviews are the most helpful thing I don t always go for the bargain option, but the reallllly detailed reviews and information are invaluable I cross reference with Consumer Reports for things like car seats and figure out the best one to get.

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    I felt that this book did not really offer much help in the way of finding bargains I did think that the information on safety and how to evaluate some of the products out there for toddlers was helpful.

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    Out dated and obvious.

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    dated read the 1999 version but still had some helpful tips for toddler savings and ideas.

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