Read ✓ The Last Astronaut By Pel Torro –

Read ✓ The Last Astronaut  By Pel Torro –
  • Paperback
  • 154 pages
  • The Last Astronaut
  • Pel Torro
  • English
  • 28 January 2019

The Last Astronaut Captain Alex Braid Was Alone In Hyper Space Hyper Space Deep Space Deep In Every Sense Cosmically, Mentally, Mathematically The Bottom Of All Depth And The Zenith And Nadir Of The Universe Itself All His Crew Was Gone He Tried To Recollect Them The Engineer, The Physicist, The Astrogator, And The Young, Blue Haired Beatnik Girl Ursala With Her Incredible Mind Was The Voyage Which Had Begun As A Well Organized Expedition To End In An Extra Galactic Nightmare

About the Author: Pel Torro

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Last Astronaut book, this is one of the most wanted Pel Torro author readers around the world.

15 thoughts on “The Last Astronaut

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    So I m conflicted about this one On the one hand, I found the writing style and apparent lack of proofreading in my edition to be troublesome On the other hand, there were some very interesting concepts and it left me thinking about the book afterward, leading me to read up on some 17th century philosophy The writing style that bugged me was the sense of constant repetition and order, which may have been intentional, but it came off clunky The format for a while was almost like a checklist of here s this person and here s what they re doing or thinking about at the moment Each one of those moments, too, was set up like an old episode of Star Trek, like everything is normal, here comes catastrophe X It should also be noted that almost every mention of a character included their physical description I generally don t have an issue with seeing evidence of when a book was written, either, but this one seemed very conservative 1950s with their fear of a beatnik with blue hair None of the characters seemed to be able to get past blue hair Maybe it s because it s been almost 60 years or because I live in Austin, but blue hair just isn t that big of a hang up for me Despite all the wonky writing, I did find the content to be pretty interesting I don t want to say too much about why it was interesting, but there were definitely some interesting concepts floating around So, while I don t think I d necessarily recommend this to someone, I ...

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    This book had been sitting on my self for years and I finally decided to read it The storyline is interesting The writing leaves much to be desired It seems to be told from the third person omniscient so you see all the characters views in just about every chapter and it is only a 154 page book And the book d...

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