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The Cthulhu Encryption The Shoggoths Attack They Had Been So Horrible Before That I Dare Not Say That They Were Any MORE Horrible When They Came Again They Were Still Unspeakable, Still Unthinkable But Whether I Could Speak Or Think Of Them Or Not, They Were HERE Auguste Dupin Is One Of The Few Persons Who Can Identify The Rare Cthulhu Encryption Etched In The Flesh Of A Dying Woman The Comte De Saint Germain Owns A Companion Cryptogram That He Believes Is The Key To Finding A Fabulous Treasure Buried By The Pirate Levasseur Harassed By Shoggoths And Tracked By Saint Germain, Dupin Must Find The Key To The Complex Puzzle Can The Might Of Cthulhu Be Held At Bay And Even If He Finds An Answer, Can He And His Friends Escape With Their Lives A Riveting Horror Novel.

  • Paperback
  • 222 pages
  • The Cthulhu Encryption
  • Brian Stableford
  • English
  • 01 October 2019
  • 9781434435118

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    Edgar Allan Poe s great detective, Auguste Dupin, combined with H.P Lovecraft s Cthulhu mythos I had to read this novel And I m glad I did Stableford s novel, which is a first person account by Dupin s friend, describes the unfolding mystery of the Cthulhu Encryption, an inscription in the flesh of a dying mental patient who appears to be a prostitute but believes herself to be the legendary Isolde Leonys of Tristan and Isolde fame What follows is a mystery adventure that doubles as a cultural literacy test, invoking not only knowledge of Poe and Lovecraft, but also the history of the 16th century English occultist and medium Edward Kelley also known as Edward Talbot and his alchemist associate John Dee, the so called immortal German alchemist the Comte de Saint Germain of the 18th century, and both Arthurian romance and Shakespeare s play A Midsummer Night s Dream Did I mention there were pirates, too I didn t realize this was part of a series which includes The Mad Trist, The Quintessence of August, and Valdemar s Daughter when I first read the book, but I think now I may have to read the others.What I appreciated most was Stableford s adept handling of Victorian Gothic language and description, as well as the great texture and literacy of his descriptions Here is an example I m surely superfluous to requirements, and far too vuln...

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    Nada como um lovecraftianismo para ajudar a passar o frio destas noites de inverno Este romance de Stableford n o ganhar certamente pontos por ser uma obra profunda, daquelas que nos apaixona por novas ideias ou muda o sentido da vida, do universo e de tudo o resto, mas um divertido e muito bem urdido pastiche que remistura personagens cl ssicas da fic o fant stica com personagens reais de contornos fantasistas, lendas arturianas, folclore bret o, tesouros perdidos de danados piratas, bibli filos convictos e uma boa dose daquele cujo sono sob as profundezas de R lyeh n o deve ser incomodado A hist ria gira volta de uma misteriosa louca internada num not rio asilo parisiense, que manifesta no seu corpo estranhas inscri es que o olhar atento do detective Ars ne Dupin detecta ser um criptograma incompleto que invoca o tenebroso Cthulhu O resto pura aventura, com shoggots a possuir o corpo de criminosos comuns, amuletos contendo segredos, e homens que ...

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